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    Best Compliment(s) You've Ever Gotten On Your Dancing

    Being a new dancer, it's tough for me to take compliments since I know I have a lot of work to do. But I've been getting more compliments lately. Since I'm a tall athletic build, I get a lot of "you are such a gentle /firm lead" by the smaller petite women, and they come back to ask me to dance...
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    Dance Clothes for Taller Men

    Anyone have a good website, company that has dance clothing for taller men? I'm just over 6'2" and it's tough finding shirts that are big enough in the neck and longer sleeves.
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    Country Dancing Riverside California

    I'll be doing some work out in the Riverside area in April. Figured I'd start looking now for close places to go country dancing during the week and weekend. I'll have a rental so I can drive a bit. Will head over to Cahoots? around Fullerton. But hoping for something closer Thanks Gary
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    Two Step and Three Step and Triple Two ...

    It really depends where in Texas you are talking about, I live in Dallas but travel to Houston often and in both places they do things a little differently. The 3 step you are talking about might be two step but the guy doesn't pass his feet on the 2nd quick, so it looks like it's three step...