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    Smooth frame/posture

    I wouldn't search for any magic. Stretches and muscle training can be always good but true posture and frame will come only by practicing it. Good posture and frame comes by: 1. Good coach that won't rest until your frame and posture looks better. Many teachers are going easy with teaching the...
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    Phone communication between teacher and student

    I wouldn't talk on my private phone with anyone of my students, I do give my e-mail though.
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    Is it better to practice only one style per day, or do multiple? What do you do?

    I belive it depends on what you are competing in. If you do a 10 dance than you should practice them both, as you will have to dance also in the competition. If you don't compete or if you compete in the both styles but not together - then I wouldn't practice them both together. It is hard...
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    One lesson with World Champion - is it useful?

    Thanks everybody. bia - Thank you! I dance according to the Arthur Murray syllabus, which is the American Smooth Of curse. But I did taught myself some basic groups in International so I know some steps and they are not so different than the American Style steps and the thechnique is the same...
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    One lesson with World Champion - is it useful?

    My answer to Little watcher: I had one lesson with a coach name Thomas Papkala. It did help me a lot, especially after his greetings about my posture. I didn't had many coaches yet bacuse unfortunately, they don't come to Israel a lot.
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    One lesson with World Champion - is it useful?

    I taught my self a basic group of International style Waltz (first basic group of Marcus and Karen Hiltons's teaching video). It's natural turn -> into open impetus -> then a Weave from Promenade position -> then a Chasse from Promeande position-> then a Natural turn O.P -> ending with a...
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    One lesson with World Champion - is it useful?

    Thank you all. I do focus on Technique, and not on memorizing the steps. I do want to go pro someday - I already watched something like dozens of lectures and read Henry Jacques's and Len Scrivener's books to improve my dancing. I belive that I'm better than average Arthur Murray's student...
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    One lesson with World Champion - is it useful?

    I'm traveling to Tuscany this March and I will stay near Lucca. I heard there are many great dancers there - Fabio Selmi, Mirko Gozzoli, Alessia Betti and many more. I travel with my family so unfortunately I won't have much time - I will be able to take only one or two lesson with only one...
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    [HELP] Who makes Mirko Gozolli's Tuxedo?

    Hi guys. My family and I thinking about traveling to Tuscany (or madrid). I heard that one of the best tailors from ballroom dance suit lives there - Luciano Matteoni. If I visit tuscany, I would really want to buy a suit from him. The only thing is that my trip is for only one week and I...
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    Ballroom Dance In Madrid?

    Great evening. My family and I might travel to Madrid this March. I must say I don't know any coach in this area\dance wear shop. Anyone knows a coach\place I should visit? Many thanks in advance!
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    Dancing in England
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    Swing dances - Where in the foot I should put my weight on?

    Hey guys, There are many thoghts about where in the foot the weight should be in the swing dances. There are the ones who says it should me in the middle of the foot, where you feel comofort and balance. More often, you will hear that you need to put the weight in the front of the foot...
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    Dancewear in Manhattan/Toronto

    Hi guys, My parents are traveling from Israel to the US and to Canada in the next month. I have already opened some topics about it asking for shoe recommendations but I have already ordered a couple because I couldn't wait. Is there a store selling some men's dancewear in...
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    2020 Olympics

    I don't want ballroom dancing to be an olympic sport. On the one hand, we want more dancers and make the balleoom dancing more popular. But on the other hand, if it goes to the olympics, it won't be what we have so loved. I can't see dance as an olympic sport and I don't support it and I...