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    How to build a dance floor?

    DIY Floor Well, if you don't care too much about esthetics, I can tell you how we converted our oversized 2 "dump-truck" garage's concrete floor. We created a subfloor, which was just 1x4's layed flat across the length of the floor (nailed into the concrete) with cross peices (so we could...
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    2007 Harvard Invitational Competition

    And what kind of income can you make? And what kind of income can you make in dancing? Let's take the upper level dancers, instructors, and competitors. Can one make a healthly living dancing or is it really a "for the love of dancing" type of thing? I had to give up most of my dancing...
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    2007 Harvard Invitational Competition

    Mind is a spinning... Ok, so as I try to consume all that and fail miserably....what is the average cost to compete in one of these events and do it right? How much do you guys have to invest just to do this a couple times a year? .
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    Hi! New to Forums!

    Welcome to the forums! Welcome to the forums! Hope to chat with you soon. .
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    WCS Conventions

    We get a lot of requests for WCS events... We get a lot of requests for WCS events from our site visitors. If you know people that host these seminars, events, and lessons, make sure you tell them to visit our site and post their information. It's free and it makes a difference for us and...
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    TV Movie

    I enjoyed it! I enjoyed it! .
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    Vegas Showdown Results.

    Great job everyone! Great job everyone! Congrats to the winners. .
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    Post your info! We get lots of requests...

    . Greetings all, Please stop by and visit us at! We get bombarded with emails from our site visitors about "Where can I find this?" "How can I learn that?" "Where can I go out to do this?" Etc...etc...etc... I'm sure there are many of you out there who haven't listed...
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    Is the UCWDC alive and well????

    Is anyone seriously competing in this circuit anymore? I've been wondering if I'd like to go back and dance in Country Western but was wondering if it's event practical since CW has died down in our area (East Coast).
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    We're looking for Dance Articles for our Site!

    We're looking to post dance related articles for our visitors and readers. We receive tons of emails with questions about how-to and what's happening. You can visit our Dance Library to see where we've started posting articles, but would love to receive more. We provide links back to the...