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    2016 MAC

    I haven't been to this one in a few years, but my partner and I are planning to make it out this time around!
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    Will ballroom studios close after the baby boomer gen pass on?

    I can't speak for other regions, but there is a pretty thriving collegiate scene in the DMV at least. I don't really see why that trend shouldn't continue into the future for at least a little bit. That said, it is very true that a lot of us college students aren't big partakers of studio group...
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    Clave and Int Rumba

    So the thing about the clave is that, while it's a very core part of a the rhythm section in a lot of Latin music, the timing of your feet isn't really intended to follow it. One of the cool things about Latin music is how all of these different rhythmic elements kind of alternate between...
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    DCDI 2013

    I'm planning to be at DCDI again this year. I'll definitely be dancing Gold Latin; still on the fence with regards to other events for the time being.
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    Rumba: Making the Right Facial Expression

    Competitive ballroom dancing is at least in part a performance art, so I think having the right expression is really key, but there's no one right answer as to how to accomplish it. Feeling the music and letting it get you into character are really key, because you are, in a sense, acting. Even...
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    UPenn Classic 2013

    I'm definitely gonna be there :)
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    Bent Front Leg in Cuban Breaks

    Alright, thanks for the information. Didn't realize that was meant to be the title of the DVD and not just some extra tags to help searches... :p
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    The stylistic mixing of Smooth & Standard -- current trend

    That much I can understand, but I'm talking about couples doing actually nothing but standard amalgamations from the technique book around the floor. Were the other couples removed from the floor, I'd have no idea if I wasn't watching a standard event instead. While they weren't technically...
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    Bent Front Leg in Cuban Breaks

    If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is the name of this DVD? I've seen a few clips from what I presume to be the same video on YouTube but I don't know what it's from.
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    The stylistic mixing of Smooth & Standard -- current trend

    I imagine having less time to change is probably precisely why a lot of the leaders were wearing suits rather than tails. They're also a good bit less cumbersome to move in, I think, which could be a factor too. In regards to judges marking more Standard-esque routines better in Smooth events...