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    Afraid of asking girls for a dance

    Mehikene, if I told you to go ask a girl to dance - doesn't matter if she says yes or no - and if you did that and came back, I would give you a million dollars, would you do it ? I bet the answer is yes. So you are capable of doing it, you are just afraid. The only way to get over being afraid...
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    Why do people give up salsa?

    To Steven123 and others, I just came back across this thread, and thought I'd share an update. I look back at my comment from (gasp) 6 years ago, and I see there was a bit of cynicism and dejection with relationships/friendships in the scene. I see now that my cynicism was a function of the...
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    How do I get asked to dance

    Hi Curious1 - welcome to df :) I would agree that my main priority in the club are the follows who are (a) friends (b) good follows (c) classmates. However, often I do go and ask newbies or folks who aren't getting asked as a means of trying to help the scene. In those cases though, I still get...
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    Alex Da Silva is arrested yet charges dropped

    I find that lawyers words quite repulsive. Years ago, I was violently mugged after walking home drunk from a bar a block down from campus. I figured it was safe to walk home but I was mistaken. Two individuals followed me all the back to my apartment complex, and then proceeded to break...
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    Social norms in salsa dancing

    I think you're in a hurry to get good fast. There are a lot of factors that go into this, not simply turn patterns, advanced vs beginner technique. All I can say is keep working on doing the best you can in class/practice, etc and dance with whoever is willing to dance with you in the clubs. Try...
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    Why do people give up salsa?

    I haven't given up salsa, but I came very close to quitting the scene because I realised: - spending 5 years in the scene, hanging out with the same folks 3-4x a week, going to parties, staying out late - all that time invested into something very fleeting. I have come to realise that the...
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    This is a question for the Male Leaders

    assuming all the technique is down, I think a good follow must (a) not judge the lead, and respect whatever level he is at by adjusting accordingly (b) connect to his energy and style and enjoy themselves my favorite follows are the ones who are happiest dancing with me :)
  8. G review of Fantagious

    bought this album at the la salsa congress. definitely a listeners album, not the standard salsa dancers album. Although if you wanted to choreograph something really 'out there', this album might help. i dont' think this falls under latin jazz in the sense that most of the songs have a...
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    song id help

    ok - i checked with a dj friend of mine - he said that the version in this cd is not the exact same one (although I haven't checked it myself) anyone know if there are other versions of this song made in the last 5 yrs or so?
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    song id help

    beautiful!! thanks so much mayanempire! any tips on where I can get this cd/mp3 ?
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    song id help

    ok, i've been on this forum long enough - i know you guys can id this song: its a video of magna, with an unknown lead. I really like his style, vibe, everything. Good dancer
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    Finding beat 1

    The '1' is usually stressed in piano, or bass guitar. Another good reference is the cowbell, which hits on 1, 3, 5, 7. As an example of the cowbell, here is a video of 'micaela' by sonora caruselles - I pick this band cos they make the '1' easy to find...
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    San Francisco (SFO) Salsa Congress

    any idea why they changed the dates from last year (15-18) to Nov 1-4 ? I had booked tickets anticipating the same date every year!
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    Female Singers

    Vania Borges and Haila Mompie are two of the finest female vocalists I've heard.
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    song id please

    it is timba. notice the complex breaks and change in time. Music is music, and one can dance to it any way they want, but the standard salsa we get in the states is more 'regular' and 'steady' so that the dancers can dance. for example, from 1:18 onwards, moves like a double spin seem too...