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    Standard gown

    This DansCotoure dress price dropped to $1400
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    Standard gown

    Sizes 4-6 and up to 5'8"... and price is 1800 obo.
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    Standard gown

    Champagne colored dress. Small. Beautiful swirl design with gold sequins and enhanced with rhinestones.
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    Can we dance a Tango to Beethoven's 5th?

    try it David Garret's version of 'The 5th' (that's the track title) in his album Rock symphonies
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    Emerald Ball 2011 -Going?

    yes... you can google Stephen Marino photography and it'll come up
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    Emerald Ball 2011 -Going?

    Park west was the official photographer... but there were other artistic photographers shooting like our own SD_Salsa guy, decaDance and Stephen Marino
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    USA Dance Nationals 2011--Back to Baltimore!

    Thank you Laura. This is correct. I was the on-site registrar this time and if we don't have it on file, you will get asked for it. Ava does a great job of notifying everyone about required information. Please read her emails thoroughly to determine what you need to bring to the competition and...
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    Emerald Ball 2011 -Going?

    I'll be there... working the door and dancing Thursday and Saturday nights :D
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    SF Open!

    Good seeing you Tibor... See you in Baltimore :)
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    2011 NDCA Amateur Championships - Provo, Utah

    Back to Provo... I loved the energy there! Huge venue, you really become the center of attention... and the performances by the Pro couples they invited when I went was fantastic! (They were invited as a special category, not to compete against amateur couples)
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    2011 9th Annual Vegas Open Dance Challenge (formerly Vegas Showdown)

    Thank you :) Cool... I don't dance until 10:27PM...
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    2011 9th Annual Vegas Open Dance Challenge (formerly Vegas Showdown)

    Yes, your favorite doorman will be there too since Thursday... and dancing Friday night in RS Smooth... see y'all there :cool:
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    Tango questions, please help!

    I would say wear briefs when you dance... I use compression/biker briefs, they give you good support but they allow you to move as they are constructed for athletic activities.
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    California Open - Next Weekend

    It was great to see reb, borbala and 3wishes... can't wait to see you guys at the next comp... reb, your wife looked great!!!