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    Online tango radios

    Most of these seem to be defunct. An alternative is Argentine Tango Radio that focuses on danceable tango music from the Golden Age: , also on facebook. The radio also have a podcast series, Danceable Tangos of the Year.
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    The Anibal Troilo Centennial -- July 11, 2014

    I'd be happy to add my city and bandoneon to the list of those 100 cities.. Does anyone know where can I download this special arrangement? I can't find it on the website. Thnx!
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    Teaching Musicality

    Not sure what you are disagreeing about. Building up the musical interpretation in my view also has to do with, as you write, "changes in intensity of movement, extent and type of movement, the way you use your body to communicate what you feel or the melody or tone of the music to her". I'd...
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    Teaching Musicality

    Building up musical interpretation does not equate building up sequences of steps. Besides other reasons tango music is great for dancing because it provides an excellent mix of the predictable and the unforeseen. This mixture allows us to get carried away with the flow without getting bored...
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    Not your typical tango dance

    I think it's pretty clear that her fall was intentional (from the way she dips on her left leg and pulls down her left arm before loosing axis and from the way she pushes herself with her right leg backwards instead of making an attempt at regaining stability).
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    Neotango/Tango Nuevo Dancing Myths

    I find myself rarely agreeing with opendoor, but he has a point here. As long as such separate aspects are conveniently meshed together no wander that distinguishing features of these different styles remain hidden from our sight. But I leave this as a blank statement, your rant is too long to...
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    Comfortable Close Embrace?

    Sorry, I missed this part, this was definitely rude irrespective of whether she really thinks that. I don't think I'd even acknowledge her presence at the milongas after receiving such a remark.
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    Comfortable Close Embrace?

    Sorry for the bad experience. I'd say, though, that you missed an opportunity here. You could have showed great interest and said "sure, awesome" with a wide smile and an inviting gesture to escort her off the pista to talk these things through. Once off the pista, you listen to her remarks, ask...
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    The milonga shuffle once again in Buenos Aires

    Anyone knows what happened? Did El Beso close for good, or this is only temporaly? Diego sold the place?
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    I want to buy my first tango shoes

    Disagree. Although heels might help, they are neither vital nor necessary to dance in apilado, unless you have too weak Achilles tendons. I dance as apilado as it gets in a completely flat shoes, and I actually prefer them to my high-heel tango shoes. On short steps they allow for a much...
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    "milonguero" website

    IMHO it was quite appropriate to put "milonguero" in quotation marks in your question. The site is, as it is, quite misleading. It has many tango videos in the posts - i.e. two by C. Frumboli - but not a single bona fide milonguero style video. (I'd contest even the undoubtedly very nice CE...
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    The lead for the cruzada

    This is indeed how in many beginner classes where students start with open embrace the lead for the cross is taught. A video example might help: at 0:11 you can see Slava (left) quite clearly leading Olga to the cross by straightening out his twisted chest: watch?v=2B52zErtT3g However even...
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    Tango Vals

    I had the pleasure to attend four workshops of Alberto over the years and have seen him dancing in many milongas. The women I know well from my community melted after dancing with him - his embrace and lead was hailed as exceptional (with a possible complaint about the occasional use of his...
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    BsAs syndrome

    types of tango-events in Europe Maybe a discussion of this worths a new thread, but just for those who are unfamiliar with the European scene it might be worthwhile to clarify that there are at least three distinct type of regular non-locally sustained tango events in Europe: - tango...
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    Is gender imbalance self made?

    No, getting rid of tandas wouldn't make everyone happy, quite the contrary. This is not about traditionalism, you will find that more experienced dancers generally favor the tanda system. Dancers are not insisting on it because they like traditions or customs - this is a straw man -, but because...