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    wearing dance shoes in regular life? (ladies)

    I second Peaches. Comme il Fauts are exponentially better than dress shoes, any day.
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    Big Calves

    Definitely bigger calves. Also, Gargantuan Dancer Quads. I'm trying to take them as a badge of honour, but they do look rather silly. :)
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    Adopting an Argentine Custom at the Ballroom

    When I lived in London and used to go to socials all the time, everywhere I went dances were played in sets of two. And I miss that!
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    standard and the knees

    I have knee problems in Standard for the same reason I have runner's knee when, um, running: supinating out pretty heavily on the feet due to weak arches. That can be helped with insoles, but the other issue I had to consider was just how tight my hip flexors and hamstrings had become and how...
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    Black/White/Sun Latin for sale

    Size 2-6, best for height no taller than 5'5", has bodysuit. 8 gross Swarovski Sun stones, includes matching bracelets/earrings in mix of Swarovski/Korean stones. $600 OBO. More photos here: Fun retro vibe. Thanks for looking -...
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    Faded pastel gown fabrics?

    I second Farale. I think they do circular shaded fabrics as well, for skirts.
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    Colored shoes in Standard?

    LOL ... fair enough, I have been schooled :) ... I had been thinking 'flesh shoes look too contrasty against dress' when I should have been thinking 'black shoes look too contrasty against floor.' Good point. I've never worn anything this dark to compete in and I think that threw me for a loop...
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    Colored shoes in Standard?

    OK, so I know that it's gospel to wear tan/flesh shoes for reasons of extending the leg line, keeping eyes from noticing the bad aspects of your footwork, etc etc. But ... I'm dancing syllabus Standard in a comp coming up, wearing a dress that's essentially black, and my usual flesh satin shoes...
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    punk tango

    From a ballroom tango point of view, this is simply awesome. From an Argentine tango direction ... I'll leave that to the experts. :)
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    Times... Again
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    I've decided that close embrace in AT is a fantastic thing ... once I actually give up and realise that it's such a raw, direct sense of lead/follow that you can't hide behind anything. A BIG change for someone like me, who's somehow spent the last few years becoming a too-cautious follow in...
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    Holy Herniated Disc!

    All of the above true on all counts. Especially the part about age ... in my case C 4-5 at age 28. One thing that may or may not be relevant to you: sleep = healing, and if you're in so much pain that you can't sleep, it starts a vicious cycle. I'm reluctant to even take an aspirin, but in this...
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    Dancing, without seeming snob'ish

    Every time I've gone to a non-dancing party with a dancer, everyone has got a kick out of watching and/or playing along. And usually someone ends up signing up for beginners' classes the next week. :)
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    Choosing a Style

    All right, this also begs the question of what to do when you really can't dance your preferred style where you're living at the moment, but you'd like to keep dancing in the interim (move not being for a year or two) ... is it really worth it to start over in another style and hope you either...
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    happy birthday ME