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    nice slow salsa songs

    Why not just slow down the Tempo of Salsa songs you like, but are a bit too fast? Windows Media Player used to be able to do this - right click and look under "Enhancements". If the new versions don't support this, there is plenty of free software that will.
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    How do I understand why do women dance?

    The question is really "why do people dance"? Because it is intrinsic to our nature and it is fun! Small children dance, indigenous tribes that have never had contact with the outside world dance. "Not dancing" is the learned behavior, and usually occurs when we start to become self conscious...
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    Hip action in Salsa

    I shall throw in my 2 cents to see if it helps, to build on IsaacAltman's post. Hip movement starts at the balls of your feet and goes up to your hips, not vice versa - it is not a forced movement. Watch a good Salsa dancer or Zumba instructor and you'll notice their heels hardly touch the...