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    Carrie Ann Inaba as Nationals judge?

    Perhaps we should get an email going to show we are concerned with USA Dance choice of Carrie to judge.Ask for some qualifications and answers for how exactly she is excempt from certain rules. As competitors and participants at this years nationals I think we all have a right to know the...
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    Standard Rounds

    Does anyone know of any studios that are doing standard and or Latin rounds on East Coast. MD DC VA NJ
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    Capital Dancesport Championships 2008

    Does anyone know if results/marks will be posted?
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    Clover Star Classic 2008

    Thanks Ily! now does anyone know if pics are up? I tried to look on the d8 site but it said i needed an event "code"???
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    Clover Star Classic 2008

    yes unformatted please :p......or formatted
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    Clover Star Classic 2008

    Anyone know where marks are posted? Or when they will be up?
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    DC Salsa/instructors

    Does anyone know who in DC to take salsa lessons from. Im looking for more of club style instuction not just the "ballroom" version. Also where should one go to dance salsa socially in DC?
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    What Would You Do?

    If your from MD i know who your talking about. I had a similiar thing happen. Just contact "Jen" by email or phone and explain the situation with "Tom". I did it and havent had a problem since.
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    NJ DanceSport Classic (Spring Fling) - NE Regionals

    now is there anywhere that shows competitor and number?
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    NJ DanceSport Classic (Spring Fling) - NE Regionals

    Are marks posted anywere yet?
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    [Help] Italy

    Italy dance studios? Does anyone know where some of the italian coaches teach in Italy? Names of studios and locations ect.???
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    2007 Princeton/UPenn Clover Star Classic

    marks when/will marks and callbacks be posted??
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    Stretch Ballroom Shirt

    Has anyone (guys) tried the stretch ballroom shirts? I'm thinking of purchasing one and was wondering if they are worth it. I know DSI and Sapiel make them. Any other vendors?
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    Question about ballroom dancing and weight training

    As a guy who does only standard I find that doing core exercises are the best. I used weights before but it only makes you stiff and looks like your muscling the lady around the floor. Try hanging from a pull up bar and raising you knees to your chest 3 sec up 3 sec down. Then do them from...