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    Would u tell if u see someone cheating his/her SO?

    for me this is very Salsa related because this kind of behaviour is what i observe more in the Salsa scene than anywhere else. but if the post should be moved please go ahead
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    Would u tell if u see someone cheating his/her SO?

    Of course no one like to mess up other people relationships- especially b/c it's usually only a suspicion (if you don't catch them "in action"). But on the other hand if no one tells her (most of the time it's the girl at least in my experience) how should she find out?
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    Performer vs. Social dancer

    @Josh i didn't want to make them worse than they were. therfore comparing them to nicer/good-looking show dancers. it's really hard to tell in Salsa that s.o. is "good" because of the lacl of objective measurement as in other "sports" (he runs the 100m below 9sec whatever). everybody...
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    Performer vs. Social dancer

    There is one performances group in our area- although there are not that bad, there are far away the level one need to perform on Salsa congresses. but many of those guys think just because they were able to learn one routine they would be God's gift on the dance floor. and if a girl can't...
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    1 or 2 beats behind the music

    If i would have taken the wrong direction and are about to live the road, i think i'd prefer a self-correcting car ;-)
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    Hearing the Clave and Slap of the Conga

    It does :-)
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    when I was at the buzz it was allright. majorit was dncing on1 but most of the good dancers can do both and asked me for my preference. have fun!
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    Complement for latin dance leaders

    Hello, I'm from Salsa background, never taken any ballroom classes. but last week a well-known latin dance trainer gave a workshop for Salsa dancers. he was one of the best teacher i have run into. he clearly communicated his goals, broke down the technique excellently and motivated the...
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    Do you eat before you dance?

    I'd rather be a little bit to hungry for dancing than having eaten a bit too much. i feel very sick when dancing too shortly after a meal. just in case i feel my blood sugars is falling too low i drink apple juice with water or, if it is really bad, a coke (enough sugar as in a whole lunch) ;-)
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    Spinning preps

    There must be a lot of different ways to prep for spinning. Unluckily, i only one (tap&twist). it works well if the leader indicates early that he will spin me b/c already the first step is different from the usual back step on1. i don't know a good way to prep after an open break...
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    Who learned dancing in Salsa?

    of course, you have to learn dancing Salsa if you want to become a good salser@... but what I mean: who learned actually dancing through Salsa, i.e. the flexibilty, body-coordination, fluidity, musicality.... everything that makes the difference between "moving to music" and "real dancing"...
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    How many of you out there....?

    if they ask nicely I would dance with (almost) everyone - usually with 2-3 beginners in one night
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    When to straighten/bend legs, and weight transfer

    Perhaps, I was`'t clear enough. by Melissa: if you step back with the right leg on 1 (cross behind) step on that leg (i.e. weight transfer) straighten it but not completly (that the knee is locked), and stay on the ball of that foot. the same is for the left leg stepping forward on 5. so...
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    When to straighten/bend legs, and weight transfer

    Melissa Fernandez taught in a ladystyling class never to completly straighten the leg on that the weight is transferred to. From Josie`s and Tulane Rivera's DVD is the commendation to have one leg straight and one leg bend all the time. :? ... any comments?
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    How does your dance training "spill into" everyday

    What is about rearranging your furniture to create more danceable space for practise purposes 8)