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    Dancing Tango to Milonga and Vals

    Thanks very much, everyone, for all your explanations. At least I now understand that we can use any of these possibilities; and that it depends on our interpretation of the dance and the music. I really appreciate it! :D
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    Dancing Tango to Milonga and Vals

    Thanks for all the feedback :) I can understand that we normally step on the first beat and generally use up the rest of the bar. However, the first time I attended a workshop where the instructor wanted us to step faster, I thought that he wanted us to step on every beat of that bar. I tried to...
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    Dancing Tango to Milonga and Vals

    Thanks for your post. I`m sorry I didn`t make it clear what I was saying. I am actually trying to understand and somehow achieve what you are describing for the Vals and Milonga and also what Opendoor said. I think I still have someway to go yet. However, thanks for your encouragement! I will...
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    Elbow tension

    If I ever did anything that was uncomfortable to the person I`m dancing with, I`d like to be the first to know about it!
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    What Makes a Good Follower?

    I agree with Steve here. Certainly, for me, the first is very important. Not only will it give greater pleasure to the dance, but it will also improve the confidence of the person you are dancing with. And when his confidence is flowing, he will usually be able to give you a better dance :)
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    Dancing Tango to Milonga and Vals

    Thanks for the feedback. It`s not injurious or anything like that. It`s just not Milonga or Vals (but rather, Tango instead). I do try to include some of the elements you mentioned. But my knowledge is still lacking in these two dances. I`d like to take classes to improve them, but at the...
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    Dancing Tango to Milonga and Vals

    Thank you! *lol*
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    Men's Tango Shoes

    I use Ballroom shoes myself. I find that the suede sole provides a good grip as it can be brushed if the floor is a bit slippery. The shoe is also soft and flexible and has a thin, light sole, which makes dancing comfortable.
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    Dancing Tango to Milonga and Vals

    I am still inexperienced at dancing Tango, but have even less knowledge of dancing Milonga or Vals. Sometimes, when a follower wants to dance and the music that is playing is either a Milonga or Vals, I am never sure what to do :confused: I hate to turn anyone down, so I sometimes just dance a...
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    Is gender imbalance self made?

    I think it is that other guy who has no business dancing Tango. I hope you ignored him! I am happy to say that in the short time that I have been in Melbourne, this has never happened to me. In fact, many of the leaders are really nice and courteous. I am probably one of the least experienced...
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    Latin Entertainment Guide Australia

    The following is a website for Latin events in Australia. It doesn`t just cover Salsa and Latin dance; but also includes other events and venues, such as music and food. Many Salsa dancers and clubs in Melbourne use this website. "Latin Lover"
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    Choosing ballroom music

    Ross Mitchell`s music is my all-time favourite :D They were difficult to get in Kuala Lumpur and I used to order them by post from the United Kingdom. I didn`t have that many as it was expensive to get them shipped to Kuala Lumpur those days. I have been out of the Ballroom scene for a few of...
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    Salsa Worldwide: Index to areas and their salsa life

    Salsa In Kuala Lumpur I would like to add the list for Kuala Lumpur to the thread :)
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    Salsa In Kuala Lumpur

    I was updating a thread on Salsa Forums and thought I`d share this here as well. It`s a list of places to dance Salsa in Kuala Lumpur. It`s a compilation of contributions from other dancers. Salsa In Kuala Lumpur & Petaling Jaya: EVERY NIGHT @ QBA, Westin Hotel...
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    TANGOXPOSED 2011: Ho Chi Minh City (3-6 November)

    I wanted to let the members here know regarding this upcoming event in Vietnam :) TANGOXPOSED 2011: Ho Chi Minh City (3-6 November) Windsor Plaza Hotel Saigon 18 An Duong Vong, District 5 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Southeast Asia's first & only boutique Argentine Tango event Featured...