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    30 year old too late to learn dance?

    This is true to an extent, but there is a twist: learning to dance to a certain type of music can change how you hear it. There was a time I actively disliked salsa music. By the time I tried salsa lessons, I was at best neutral toward it. I had warmed up to it a little after hearing it in the...
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    30 year old too late to learn dance?

    I don't think it's too late at all. I took my first real partner dance lessons at the age of 32, although I had taken some other dance classes before that. By the way, I liked your human-fish description. That makes me think you would enjoy dancing if you tried it. For me it gives me a way to...
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    When does social dancing get easier?

    I may be lucky, but dancing somehow makes it much easier to get beyond my usual self-consciousness and shyness. It's never done that 100%, but I have definitely found that it eases my anxiety a lot. I have also found that regular dancing has done wonders for my mood in the past. When I dance...
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    My Experience

    Prince, this is at least the second time you are apparently taking credit for someone else's writing. This material has a 2008 copyright (assuming the site I am linking to is actually the original source and not just another person plagiarising someone else's words). Not cool...
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    Why do Private Lessons COST SO Much?!

    Back when I was taking privates, I had a deal with my instructor that I would help her out occasionally with things like proof reading and revising press releases and in turn she only charged me $30/hr. This was back in 1999-2002. Eventually I started paying her $40/hr because she hadn't asked...
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    DC in August?

    Ugh, DC in August: humidity! Sorry, I'm sure there will good events, it's just that having been in DC in August the first thing I think of is humidity.
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    "I can follow anything you can lead"

    This is not unusual. I'm not particularly advanced (okay, wait, I'm not advanced at all) and I hope I spend most of my time leading from my fingertips (when not connected more fully). It's also something that is taught even in low level intermediate classes, or even some beginner classes I've...
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    does salsa dancing improve your dancing skills in general

    A lot of people do struggle with just getting the beat, but if he grew up in Nigeria, I can see how the rhythmic framework for salsa would probably seem more familiar than it does for many of us. (Of course, I have seen nothing that indicates he did grow up in Nigeria, just that he's there now.)
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    does salsa dancing improve your dancing skills in general

    Hi. I don't know if you remember me complaining about my allergy/sinus problems before, but I'm still dealing with that. The relocation has helped some, but I still hardly have the energy to do more than just work and go home. Hoping to jump start a return to dancing over my (fairly brief)...
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    does salsa dancing improve your dancing skills in general

    I think that, in general, every dance you study has the potential to enrich the other dancing you do. I took a couple swing classes a long while back. I didn't really take to the dance, but I think it helped improve my ability to lead turns in salsa. I don't remember how, exactly (if I ever...
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    What kind of dance should I learn?

    Generally the dance classes I've taken over the years (mostly salsa, but also a little swing and a very little Argentine tango, and some non-partner dancing as well) have more often had more females than more males, sometimes by a pretty large margin. However, I have found that more true of the...
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    Best Compliment(s) You've Ever Gotten On Your Dancing

    I once danced with a buxom young woman had been standing by the side of the dance-floor, looking like she wanted to dance, but who agreed to do so with what seemed like some slight trepidation (as if maybe she got too much attention from gropers or the like). After a couple seconds, she turned...
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    The Teacher-Student Relationship: What Is it?

    I'm not currently in private lessons and don't have a regular teacher (though I think I may have recently found someone I want to work with), but I was taking private lessons with someone over a period of about three years. I did feel a pretty strong personal connection to my teacher, and it...
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    What is Puerto Rican salsa exactly?

    I think I just found a dancing role model in Tito Ortos.
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    Your Biggest Salsa Regrets or Mistakes

    Some mistakes: Not taking private lessons earlier. I originally thought of private lessons as being primarily for advanced dancers. If anything, I would now say that it's the advanced dancers (or leads anyway) who benefit the most from group lessons. Private lessons benefit everyone...