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    6 counts to 8-beat music (2 bars)?

    I'm not sure if this is relevant to your questions ... 4 x 8 count = 32 Alternatively: 4 x 6 count = 24 1 x 8 count = 8 Total = 32
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    How did you learn to swing?

    It's virtually unknown. As far as I know, there's only one regular place in London that has West Coast Swing ...
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    I started with Lindy Hop, but in London a lot of people start with Ceroc, then try Lindy. Some of my favourite partners are ex-Ceroc dancers. In general, they seem to find it a bit easier to relax and have fun - I think this might be because they haven't had a lot of Lindy lessons, so they feel...
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    How did you learn to swing?

    I got into it after I saw a group of people dancing, and it looked like fun. I learned from going to group classes.
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    what makes a leader/follower good

    In Swing the answer is probably the same as in other partner dances. In a word, I would say the key is 'connection'. I suppose in its' loosest form this is the ability to form a partnership with another person to dance together to a piece of music. There is a good reference source on this...
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    Getting the rhythm down?

    I'm not sure if you are referring to 6-count or 8-count, although it may not make any difference to the problem. What about grouping the beats into groups of six or eight (i.e. the number between each rock-step). So that each rock-step starts on a '1'. Then JUST dance the rock-step on each 1...
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    Resoling sneakers for lindy

    What's a budo mat?
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    Resoling sneakers for lindy

    Not sure if this is relevant, but I have used 'Duck Tape' - - on non-dance shoes, and have found I can slide easily. If I wear the shoes with tape outside, the tape soon wears away and becomes rough, but if kept purely...
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    So ... how was your dance weekend?

    Hmmm ... why are there no posts on the 'How was your dance weekend' thread at 2.30 on Monday. Oh yes - because it's 2.30 in London, but most posters are in the US where it's 9.30 in the morning or earlier ;) On Saturday, I went to a 1940s night with a live orchestra. Luckily for me, it was at...
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    It's Friday ... Are You Going Dancing?

    The ladies nearly always want to in my experience. It was a themed 'retro' 1940s night, hence the need to dress up. Actually, in hindsight, although I looked smart, I did feel over-dressed and uncomfortable dancing to fast jazz music in formal evening wear. A lot of the guys were dressed in more...
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    It's Friday ... Are You Going Dancing?

    I'm going to a dress-up do tomorrow (Saturday). I'm lucky because it's less than 1 mile from my flat (I'll probably walk), and I'm told the music is good (live band and DJ). Looking forward to it
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    Movie - Happy Feet

    Looks like fun - thanks for mentioning it :)
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    First swing club

    Hi La Morena, I'm assuming you live in England as you mentioned classes here? Here's a good page of links. Some is labelled 'swing' or 'lindy hop'. Anything labelled 'modern jive' is more like 'Ceroc' (more arm movements, less footwork). As you...
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    Herrang-06 Questions

    I went last year for the first time, and can answer some of your questions. Fly to Arlanda if you can, it's much more convenient that most of the other airports. By all accounts, public transport to Herrang is a hassle, because it's a small village a long way from Stockholm and large towns...
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    It's Friday ... Are You Going Dancing?

    Hoping to go to a dance on Sunday. Although it's a long way for me to travel, the last time I heard the live band scheduled, they were exceptionally good, which means they will probably be good again, and there will probably be a good-sized crowd there.