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    swingout - just gotta love it

    Yeah, the swingout has to be the best thing about Lindy Hop, in my opinion. It's really a misnomer, it's called the 'basic' but it's far from basic. There are so many different ways and so much subtle technique that go into a really good swingout. Also, I've noticed that the more experienced...
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    Swing film clips

    Doug Silton also runs a move of the week clip. Sometimes its instructional, sometimes its just a demo. Either way, its worth checking out. MoveOfTheWeek Its currently having some technical problems, but the archive of moves is working.
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    Johnny and Becky

    Thats correct Jonny and Becky are no longer teaching together. This is a shame because I really loved their classes. I took a few in Herrang and they are great. Friendly, humble, know there stuff, and spoke about the things I really wanted to hear - Technique.