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    Please visit my website... I have free videos, private lessons schedule and an awesome SALSA SHIRTS STORE! Enjoy and throw me an email one day! Thanks!
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    Crazy thoughts.

    Hahaha What a great thread!
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    Fania Remastered

    Awesome! The remasters are great. Highly recommend it.
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    The Whining thread

    Arg! The idiot execs on TV need to stop exploiting DANCE.
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    Telephone Pet Peeves

    Appointment Please I don't have any peeves YET. But I would like to share this one... My Mom usually receives phone calls for hair appointments at the Upstairs & Downstairs Hair Salon. She tried to rectify the problem but she still gets calls every weekend. She became so annoyed that...
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    Free Gas

    I need GAS! Interesting Site. I shall dive into this one. Gas in NJ is one pretty penny.
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    men who try to "correct" you or "teach you" during a dance

    Punch Pow Bam! I've seen scuffles and arguments erupt as a result of the LEADER correcting the FOLLOWER. Especially when she is experienced. I think it's really cool if the Ladies just politely walk away, it makes for a bigger embarrassment.
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    What to do with a tall(er) salsera ?

    Amazons I totally agree with africana. Taller Salseras are usually stronger.
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    I am currently listening to ...

    Jamming Unidos by Tito Nieves & Taibori
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    So ... how was your dance weekend?

    Outdoor Performance Danced at the waterfront in my town on grass. A lil' rough. lol Played music out of my car and drew a small crowd and then applause. :)
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    what other physical activities do you feel supplement/make you better dancer?

    Ugh! Lift! Deadlift into a Shoulder Press Olympic raise works best for me. Works out all of the salsa muscles in one shot.
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    Salsa Clothing? Any suggestions out there for great affordable salsa clothing? Loose fitting stuff for the rest of the summer? I'm looking for new places.
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    Happy and/or Random Thoughts #2

    Salsa High I've experienced a salsa high with a song that I never heard before. Very hard to explain. It was like a feeling of everything around you being crystal clear.
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    Who Have You Danced Salsa With?

    MT, ET's Wife I had the oppurtunity to dance with Maria Torres. I went blank after the first few basic steps. LMAO.
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    French salsa?

    French Bytes Are there any french sound bytes online that I can listen too?