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    Incredibly good

    I was living there with a friend a while back but I decided to come back home and finish school so I could get the hell outta this country... haha. You are from SF right? I think we should go dancing...
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    Incredibly good

    yeah- Sacramento? Were you there? You were probably one of those kick knat salseras, am I right? haha. I was the one... making the fool of myself. Vin- this is good stuff, and I agree with it. I think I realize now that I love to dance how I dance- I like the way I move, and I could learn...
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    Incredibly good

    :?: Don't you guys ever like get intimiadated by other dancers? Even if you know you are pretty good...?
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    Ladies: skirts or trousers?

    skirts that float at my thighs... they make me dance better and I feel more fun.
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    Incredibly good

    I went to this dance studio the other night and they have this dancing kind of thing at night- like a salsa party. There was a good amount of people, and when we walked in we immediately started dancing... after the couple first songs we sat down and had a breath of air and I started watching...
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    Oh joy! Bhangra kicks BUTT. I love it. yessssssss......... Oh and p.s. I always lock eyes with my partner- it feels so much more personal and steamier... mmhmm. Gosh I wanna go dancing right now... vamos!
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    Dance parties sans partner

    Dear Fretful_Porpentine: Darling I know that you will enjoy dancing so much more when you can dance and meet different people- I know I do. Unless you need that security blanket feeling of coming with someone elseyou know, go it solo! Dance with people you don't know, that way you don't feel...
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    For the FEMALES: How far would you go?

    I wouldn't do too much to meet a guy... I mean I am too busy with school-work, everything... if they want me- they can come to me. Would someone really go out of their way to meet someone? Doesn't doing things you love help you meet someone that you really like? Meeting someone just by chance is...
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    Salsa Clothes

    Just do me a favor and burn that hawaiian shirt... I am still waiting for the death of that 'fad'
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    So what's your story?

    I was 17 in Mexico, going to school, and away from my family for the first time. It was my night out in the city- I had hooked up with some friends from school and we all went out to go dancing... to drink... and just enjoy eachother and Mexico that night. We all met at this sweet outdoor...
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    Do you like salsa fast or slow?

    So holy moley thats romantic... and I do love slow salsa for that reason- it seems like there is more of a connection there than just :'wham bam thankyou mamm'. Fast salsa is so fun though- I really love it when I entirely click with my partner. It is like we move as one body.
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    Turnoffs at the start of a dance

    *sniff sniff*... that is beautiful. I agree with it. Although I am content with my level, I do want to become better. That isn't selfish, is it? :?: oh and about this subject I want my partner to hold me close but soft- close enough to feel his hot breath waft down over my shoulders but not...
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    What job do you do and how does it affect your salsa

    I work nights- since I am going to school, and I work from like 3pm- 1am usually. Its a cool coffee shop. Even though my schedule is crazy and busy I always find time for it. I MAKE time. At work while being barista, I practive my moves to whatever music the shop is playing (it even gives me...
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    Dancing Salsa as a Man Consumed by Passion

    *fans myself* oooh I love it love it I love it!! :D I love how sexy it is. I think it is great when men obviously find you so attractive that they have to show they are wild as animals when it comes to sexual attraction. let us all retreat back to being animals. heehee. Perfect. And a...
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    Inside the male mind: Thoughts on body contact, anyone?

    hah. If only own partners knew what we were thinking about them and what well endowed body part is squishing in to us. I love it! :o I love all of this post! It is so sexy.