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    should i change instructors?

    I was in a similar situation. I learned the basics from one instructor but then I started noticing pain in my knee, back, neck (list goes on). I ended up taking a lesson from some of the other instructors at the studio and came across one that looked at me and said "your technique is worth..."...
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    Qualities of a "Partnerzilla"

    you must be dancing with my instructor lol
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    the voices in your head

    thinking: stand up tall, elongate neck, shoulders down and back, butt under, stretch legs, pass through center, SHAPING!!! (repeat a few times and prep to go) a milisecond before launching into the perfect movement friend goes by and pinches my butt and there goes EVERYTHING... Current...
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    "Whoever started that should be horsewhipped!"

    lol omg i THINK you just described one of the instructors where I dance. I literally made goofy faces at him through half of a EC and he never noticed (this was caught on tape) and about half way through he notice and was like "what are you doing?" I simply told him, having a good time since...
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    "Whoever started that should be horsewhipped!"

    I will dance VERY close to my pro because he's my pro and I know him well. But at the last social I attended a random guy I had never seen before asked me to dance and insisted on pulling me in that close to him (he had irish coffee breath). I literally had to put my hand on his shoulder and...
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    HAHAHAHAHAHA "sound effects" LOVE IT!!!!!
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    Do you believe in chemistry between partners ?

    Sometimes you do tend to clash with people. I've had a lead that everyone likes, i HATED, and i hate when he asks me to dance at socials because it feels more like work because i have to force it. I've also had the opposite where i swear he could let go of me and i'd do everything he wanted me...
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    Do you believe in chemistry between partners ?

    i agree mindputtee but theres also a difference between enjoying it and having emotional feelings. I enjoy dancing with my friends, but theres no attraction 'feelings' there. If theres actual feelings then that should be entered with caution. If its just that they dance will together and can...
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    Basic Wear to Practice

    i wear dance pants and a tank top, tight t-shirt, or a tight turtle neck (depending on weather) so the instructor can see my lines.
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    Do you believe in chemistry between partners ?

    ok i quit after page 3, but here's my newbie opinion. I've actually seen this and recently experienced it. i have a 'chemistry' with one of the dancers there, but it looks like a hot mess, but we get lost in the dance for that moment and have a great time. Then theres one of my instructors...
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    funniest thing a coach has ever said about your dancing

    new one (instructor trying to get me to stretch my leg back): "you are to tight! Stretch!!!! spread your legs apart, i'm long, make room for me!" we both stopped as soon as it came out and we realized what was said loud enough for others to hear. He turned bright red, i laughed so hard i...
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    the voices in your head

    dont know your situation but when i find myself in that frame of mind i tend to shut off the cell phone so no one can bother me and go into my practice room. if someone enters i am not responsible for trampling intruders! i deserve at LEAST an hour of 'me' time! i totally need to get a sign...
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    the voices in your head

    i dont know...but i'm so happy they do know how to read my mind! If not we would both look stupid. or one of us would get injurred. Just when i think "oh god whats next" he blurts it out before we end up in a ball of tangled mess on the floor!
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    the voices in your head

    in my head "tilt pelvis, dont let butt stick out, up and over with the upper body (shaping), to the left!, feet straight dont turn out!, HEAD your head!!!, tension in the arm!!! umm wait what dance was i doing???" *looks blankly at instructor* he automatically replies..."waltz hunny...waltz"...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    lol that was totally me the other day! i've never had my body and mind so seperated. my mind told my body "do this" and my body went "oh what a nice suggestion but no thanks!". So frustrating! Today...GREAT! mind and body decided to make up and be friends and work together!