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    2014...what competitions are on your wish list?

    I was hoping for USDSC and Ohio this year, along with many others, but everything's up in the air right now. Had to take some personal time off of dance, not sure what's going to happen next. The first comp I'm NOT going to that I planned on is California Open. :(
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    Holiday Dance Classic 2013

    LOL, thanks. I've been around forever, I just don't post much.
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    Looking for a new partner--Pro Smooth

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a new partner for Professional American Smooth. I am currently in Phoenix, AZ, but I'm willing to relocate. I am 5'6", strong ballet background, and have been dancing Pro for about 12 years, off and on. Please help me spread the word!
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    Holiday Dance Classic 2013

    They let me in to look at the vendors a couple times without a ticket, no problem. They just had me let them know when I was leaving again. If I had walked over to watch the dancing, they would have seen me, and probably would have had me leave at that point.
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    Decho and Bree Retire?

    Well, the Smooth category is FULL of top-notch, amazing dancers that will have fun competing to fill Slowak and Marzena's spot. (Myself and my partner not included--we're still working up to getting recalls!)
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    Competition Hair

    Lioness, that first pic you posted back in June totally had me thinking someone had grabbed a photo of me from facebook!!! Same color hair, same fair skin, same profile (ish). I've been using blonde hair nets--the red shows right through.
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    How are your practices going?

    Thanks! I used to have an account here--LauraB, but I go by Ivy nowadays, and haven't been on here for a few years, so I figured I'd switch it up. ;-D
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    How are your practices going?

    We have new choreography for pro competition, and overall it's going really well, but today was frustrating because we talk each other in circles sometimes, trying to explain what it is we need/want from each other in certain figures. We figured it out in the end, but I was feeling pretty...