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    Most popular drinks among salseros? (besides water...)

    well the Gatorade idea didn't work out :( Jamin
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    Most popular drinks among salseros? (besides water...)

    WOW! what great repsonses! I wrote down all of the ideas you guys gave me in this thread and will work with the bar owners to get these drinks on the list with specials... Keep em comin!! Jamin
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    Most popular drinks among salseros? (besides water...)

    Hello All, Question for all you clubin' salseros: What is the most popular drink (or types of drinks) among salseros when at the nightclubs (besides water)? As most of us have experienced, weekly salsa events in a nightclub environment have always been very difficult to maintain due to...
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    Salsa’s Big Lie

    I think you mean LA style? The NYC style that I am familiar with does not have big moves at all nor does it require a lot of space to do it. Jamin
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    private lesson costs

    I think the real question is "Are you ready for private lessons?" You are paying too much if you are still a beginner. Private lessons should be used to fine tunes apects of the dance you already know and want to get better at. For instance, a specific kind of body movement, cleaner spinning...
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    Hips! Latin Motion/Hip Motion Index

    I am not able to link to them either...
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    Looking at cleavage

    I see what you are saying but just because your intention is not to issue invitations does not mean that you do not know that you are still. It is as if you speaking the words "Dont Look." and at the same time wearing a sign around your neck saying "Look at these!" Cleavage is cleavge. If...
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    Looking at cleavage

    Good point, I did not consider that. Next time I see a lady with lots of cleavage I will take a second look to see what she is trying to hide! Jamin :)
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    Looking at cleavage

    Women show the cleavage for one simple reason... THEY WANT YOU TO LOOK! Give give em what they want... Jamin
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    Women to Lead, instead of Men

    I have had this problem more then a few times. A trick I use for a lady that "backleads" may seem counter intuitive. I soften my lead. What's happening is that the more resistance you give her while trying to lead the more resistance she gives back which causes her to anticipate someting...
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    Yoruba Andabo Salsa Social Detroit

    Yoruba Andabo presents the biggest salsa social Michigan has ever seen! A non profit event organized for dancers by dancers! Once a month Yoruba Andabo hosts a night for the salsa fanatics with the occasional workshop with guest instructors from all over the US. Dates and locations can be...
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    Salsa, Merengue in Metro Detroit (MI)

    Hello Melissa, There are a lot of places you can learn some salsa steps. Here is a link to a page that lists all the major places for salsa and other latin dances in the detroit area. I also encourage you to attend the Yoruba Andabo Salsa...