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    Quick tidbit about fishnets: I've had an issue where they irritate my legs when they rub against each other and my toes stick out of the fishnet parts. I've started wearing two pairs of tights to solve this issue, that very possibly, only I might have. Either way, I'd figured I'd share. I also...
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    Tall women: how hard is it to get partners?

    I'm not sure why, to be completely honest. All of the above? From my own dancing, I think it's because my longer legs create longer lines and it is much easier to see mistakes or fudged footwork when you have more to look at. Maybe it's just a personal issue though... :p
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    How are your practices going?

    Long practice to the point of exhaustion today, it was great. My feet soaked in epsom salts for half the afternoon :D
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    Tall women: how hard is it to get partners?

    Howdy! Tall latin girl here! Alright, I'm not that tall - about 5'11" with my heels on, but still my partner and I generally tower over the competition. My biggest issue has always been looking faster on the floor and having cleaner looking footwork on the floor. Finding a partner in general is...
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    UPenn Classic 2014 - Feb. 22

    Hey Everyone, I just realized I didn't see this comp up here. It's held on Feb. 22 in the beautiful Philadelphia at the convention center. The UPenn team has really upped their game on this one. With that said, my partner and I will be competing!!! (It's been too long...) Who else will be...
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    I'm impressed.
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    Hey guys, this is going to be a long shot, but can anyone identify this song: Here's the cray cray part: I was watching this video yesterday and then went out for a margarita and they were playing this song at the restaurant (but weren't able to tell me what it was!)
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    Starting a dress label?

    I've make a couple of ballgowns. Smidra has worn one of them. They're a little different, and IMO require a good deal more work since they generally have more stones and cover more body. This only adds to my point that the ROI would be minimal.
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    Starting a dress label?

    I make dresses because I like to and because I think I can make a great quality product generally for myself. I'm not in it for a profit at all because it's a very tough business to be in and, honestly, I'm not really interested in it for the reason above. If you were to make these designer...
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    2013 USA Dance Nationals - LA

    Yes, possibly because couples who made the final last year were going to join in after the first round. That would be my guess.
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    2013 USA Dance Nationals - LA

    You met smidra? that's not something to be brag about... known the girl her whole life, I don't know what the fuss is about. It's not like she's a national smooth champ finalist :D
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    2013 USA Dance Nationals - LA

    Seriously, those pre-champ smooth results!!! I NEED THEM NOOOWWWWWW!!!!!! Come on o2cm!!!!
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    Julia Ivleva fund

    I am very saddened by this tragic news. My sympathy to her husband and her family. It's unimaginable to me losing someone so close and I wish them strength and peace during such a sad time. I hope she dances in whichever paradise she believed in.
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    Ostrich Feather Boa

    I love fluffy floats. Then again, I'm obsessed with all things ostrich so I may be slightly biased. Just slightly.
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    Collegiate Competition Stereotypes

    Vichet used to duct tape the entire back of all of his numbers and that worked like magic.