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    tips for arthritis

    thanks, ive never really knew what it was, i don't have it yet but its just one of those things that's in the back of my mind :)
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    This or That?

    magnolias guitar or drums?
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    tips for arthritis

    Hi, im getting on a bit now (in my forties) and im scared that ill get arthritis in my heel and knees my dad had it and i'm scared i might follow in his footsteps, is there any ways i can help prevent this or if it does start any ways i can help it? i dont want to stop my dancing as its my...
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    Five Letter Game

    The red unicorn can karate-chop QWOPS
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    my first "lesson" in about 10 years tommorow ;)
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    Using different dance instructors?

    i at one point tried having two different instructors and i did not like it, you have to much to focus on, and in my experience it makes it longer to perfect certain things, thats just me though everybody is different
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    gratitude thread

    im grateful for not having a cold anymore :)
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    Dancing nightmares

    in one of my first performances as a child i fell off the stage at my school, ended up breaking 2 fingers, thinking back to it, it was quite funny it was part of a play where we were dancing to the war of the worlds song? i thought i was an alien or something and basically leaped off the stage
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    what do you guys do for living?

    im a professional hitman, jokes i work in marketing aha
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    What Is Something You Are Proud of ???

    i used to be in a band, we won the stratford battle of the bands once :rolleyes:
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    we're going on a cruise

    hi, me and my wife are going on a cruise with a comapny called cunard in next year and we were wondering what style dances are onboard the ships? we know that it is a pretty posh cruise, there is a blacktie night, and its a "traditional styled" cruise so what form of dancing would be onbaord...