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    Int technique question - "heaviness"

    1 - For now, yes. In the end you will want a certain flick action in your rumba and in your chacha, but the problem is that you will have to arrive on a straight leg. Most people (including myself) I know who started using flick actions before the complete straight action will never achieve...
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    Int technique question - "heaviness"

    You have to look behind the meaning of the word heavy. In latin dancing heavy is not about weight or about feeling pulled to the ground, it's about being grounded. This is like said before mostly achieved by improving your legs ankles and feet. What is most important though is that you look at...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    Most doctors would probably tell you to keep your ankle in use but don't force it for the coming week. Make sure that you don't force your way through the pain for a while and it should get better within 5-7 days. If that doesn't work you should go see a dr. Update on my part: Just had a WDSF...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    Yesterday I had a lesson where my coach just talked to me and my partner. Things are going pretty badly at competitions and we seem to be slipping further even more even though everyone can see we are developing ourselves. Our biggest gripe is that we are extremely aware of what everyone around...
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    the voices in your head

    Actually, thats a pretty solid point :eek:. I've been thinking more and more about having to perform, having to succeed and having to maximise my volume and barely if ever think about just enjoying it (whilst doing my homework ofcourse). Gonna try that next competition, Thanks!
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    what is dance?

    I've always had my teachers tell me "dance is the visual representation of audio with the use of ones body".
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    the voices in your head

    You can do it while you are training, when you practice finals and when you take lessons. So why the %*(Q&@ can't you do it at a competition???
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    If I don't swear during training I'm not putting in maximal effort.
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    About counting in your head

    The next post is all imho ;). My idea is that the answer to your question is twofold. No, on a competition you never count in your head. The biggest problem with this is that you will look very distant and also slightly off. The coolest thing to see a couple do (look at Michael and Joanna) is...
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    Dancing vs. Movement

    My interpretation of this is that you do the movement correctly but you don't play with the music (or apply musicality). I'm a latin dancer so can't say much for the other sorts of dances, but you sometimes see people just running through the Promenade runs in samba (since there's a different...
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    Favorite Couples to Watch?

    Ok, a bit less common but sooooo awesome. Latin: Evgeni Imrekov & Elizaveta Divak Evgeni Smagin & Polina Andrius Kandelis & Egle Vistocaita (or something like that)
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    Underachieving on competitions

    Thanks a lot everyone for the suggestions :), I'll be talking them over with my partner and my trainer as soon as possible! To reply on what was previously noted, of course my goal is personal improvement. I do have the feeling that we keep improving every week we train, but this doesn't feel...
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    Underachieving on competitions

    Okay, I've got the following situation that's been frustrating to say the least. I've had a new partner (latin, national A class level) since last november and we've been training a lot of course. We've done several competitions and so far every competition (except for one) was a disaster...
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    Samba language

    Actually it's not :P. It's portugese. The original music piece was called petite fleur but the version by Georgiy Musheev is called Florzinha by Tania Maria :). The russian version of Temptation (Vastochni Skazki if I'm writing it correctly) is also really cool :D. Jeroen
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    Assen 2009

    I was there :D (live really close by). Does anyone have a video of Emanuele Soldi in Assen? Seriously, he was awesome there! (Never seen anyone capture such a crowd and especially space! That guy looks like a giant on the floor)