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    Your Favorite Junk Foods

    recently, i have a thing for sunchips...
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    The Granada in LA

    hi quixotedlm! well, this is just my opinion of the granada...ive been going there since they opened and its remained quite consistent. to answer your questions... yes, its considered quite hip (i think this is what you mean?). people dress in different styles, from dressy to casual and...
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    salsa in south america

    particularly in ecuador, peru, and (maybe) bolivia... has anyone had any salsa experiences in these countries and can share some insight/info (ie: where and when to go)? saw some info posted here: but didnt really...
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    (dance) poetry in my poetry mode again and wanted to read some of the ones on the first page, but the links no longer work...can someone redirect me? so anyone written anything latelY? im trying to start up again and am seeking inspriation... ******************************** untitled...
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    women who

    i found this to be soooo true! even when not travelling, i prefer the quietness of being alone...well, three countries later, i think ive gotten the hang of this solo travel thingie! =) next!
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    coping with frustrations/burnout

    sometimes feeling burnout may be a sign that you should just take a break, but it doesnt have to be a permanant one...for me, when i feel like i just dont feel like dancing for a while, i just listen to my mind/body and dont do it. it may last a few days, a week, weeks, even months. then i ll...
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    Ladies, what do you look for in guys when you dance?

    *compatibility *he's not completely self-absorbed and concerned with how he looks. he cares how we look together *smooth, clean moves-no overstlying *knows when to break off for shines and knows how long is enough *strong enough lead but not rough ...grrrr! *makes eye contact *smiles
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    being you

    LOL! no youre not! =P
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    So ... how was your dance weekend?

    we had the l.a. salsa congress here just over a week ago and i decided to skip it this year...just wasnt in a congress mood, i suppose, but i got the itch back last thursday and decided to check out this new club's grand opening. i had a blast. after a 3 week salsa hiatus, it felt great! so...i...
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    people who "get you"

    im sooo late on this one...sorry... but i think that is such an important point. i can relate to it too...perhaps thats why people 'get' me - because theyve had the experience. and then there are those who truly get you because they truly care. i think you have to genuinely care about someone...
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    adjusting lead strength

    true...but how does one adjust to a lead that is just too strong?
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    adjusting lead strength

    why is it that it seems even some great dancers dont adjust their leading strength when they dance with people of vaying sizes? are they just not aware?... i watched my friend dance with this dancer we had never seen before and his lead looked great...and she even told me that i should dance...
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    Have you ever felt depressed?

    hmmm...yes...i think i mentioned that it was more clinical than just mere sadness. but ive not been able to draw that fine line in my own life, between depression and deep sadness, that is. i suppose that if i have felt like i just didnt want to go on, it means ive been depressed, no...
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    being you

    same here... if someone were to ask me this question several years ago, i would have said no way. but im learning to be more and more and im discovering things about myself that i never imagined (good things). sure, there are things i would like to change and improve on, but overall, i...
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    Have you ever felt depressed?

    sure...i think its sometimes necessary to feel this way. i dont know if i would call it depression for myself; to me, its a clinical term that requires professional attention. but feeling blue or sad every now and then, yes indeed. in fact, your post is quite timely, spratt. ...ive been feeling...