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    Questions for fellow studio owners & teachers

    Well, that's true. You definitely need to make sure it's not spammy. It needs to be very fun and not promotional at all. And there will still be people who don't want to see multiple posts, but the way the algorithms work, the more posts and activity you have, the more visible your page will...
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    Managing Multiple Students at same Level, Age

    I'm personally very surprise that you are the one who has to worry about this. Let your pro and the studio work that stuff out. That's why you're paying them. You should be able to go to every competition you want to go to and not have to worry about how they are going to work it out. If...
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    Questions for fellow studio owners & teachers

    I'm a long time business owner here are my tips. I hope you find them helpful Marketing: TONS of social network posts....Hold special events in your studio often, every quarter at least. Not just parties, but different kinds of tournaments or challenges. Not necessarily dance related either...
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    How many basic steps in a dance?

    Competition dancing and social dancing are very different, IMO. If you are a competitive dancer, you can easily learn how to social dance well, but I've danced with competitive dancers that weren't great social dancers. Namely, my husband. He's wonderful, I adore him, but I don't often dance...
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    What I Learned At My Last Comp

    I'm curious too. I know some teachers will reserve energy if they have a full day and lots of students. But that's no excuse for bad footwork.
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    What I Learned At My Last Comp

    Wow! That's great! :rofl:
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    What is the most basic move in WCS?

    I was taught sugar push first, kind of as the basic.
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    What are the dangers of learning patterns?

    I'm wondering if your teacher isn't going to start teaching you patterns soon, and just wanted to you feel the music first. Maybe get the feeling of leading into your body before she starts giving your mind things to think about.
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    What I Learned At My Last Comp

    This happens to me, except it's all dances the day before competition. Without fail, I will have a horrendous dance day on my very last lesson before competition. But, I've stopped caring because I always seem to do OK, even in the dances that have been a little neglected.
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    Best New Songs

    I love country music and always wondered why others didn't like it. True, some of it is terrible, including those decades you mentioned, but most of it is so great, and really makes you want to dance. JMO
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    snap, crackle, pop, what is currently creaky/sore?

    Has anyone had experience with bone spurs on their big toes? I had surgery in February and I'm STILL waiting for my flexibility to return to normal.
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    "A PAIN in the Lady's Neck!"

    This is an amazing article. Thank you for posting.
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    Thank you. I did see that thread, but I still didn't see any songs that really jumped out at me.
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    Greetings. I'm looking for bolero music. I saw some of the recommendations that have already been posted, but nothing quite suits what I'm looking for. It's a solo, so timing can change a bit, but mostly I just want something passionate. Any recommendations? TIA