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    Your favourite online games?

    THIS THREAD ROCKS!! only because it has no mention of Farmville whatsoeverer! also glad to report i am cured from my addiction to Mafia Wars. the Zynga server my game was on was probably already bought by Microsoft. *grin*
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    Great dance communities?

    i LOVE this site and the ideas in it. i also checked out the Youtube channel. excellent stuff! but i wonder if these ideas can be translated to a grassroot community? any thoughts?
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    Does imagery help you in your dance?

    i remember in ballet class (centuries ago for me) my instructor used to tell us to imagine standing on CD covers when learning our demi-pointes and that's how we learn to align our feet properly. then in modern, our instructor used to scream at the top of her lungs, "SMILE, but not with your...
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    The arts aren't important

    this is slightly off-topic.... now you are making me curious as to who do you think are great artists and what is it they did that most can't. in my country for example, dance went completely radical and too bizarre at one point. we have regular dance festivals (mostly for...
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    The arts aren't important

    in your opinion, what makes the artists great, in the first place? (tried to ETA but quote button is not working)
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    The arts aren't important

    ok, my turn for my 0.05 cents.... just responding to bits and pieces i'm reading. i will go slightly Randian. arts is important not just to teach creativity but also to help individuals identify, claim ownership and even "exercise control" over their own values (especially metaphysical ones.)...
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    The Revolt from Classical Dances

    if we are talking about dance for younger audiences, you have omitted one of the most influential dance genre - hip hop and all its sub-genres (breaking, krumping). i guess that came from jazz and african tribal dances, but maybe jazz's influence on hip hop is more significant than on musical...
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    can dance be used for advocacy?

    hey guys, this is an old piece that i'm trying to expand. trying to use dance/circus/movement arts to engage younger artists to "use" arts for advocacy. 8-) i'm heavily influenced by paulo freire's popular education and i enjoy peacebuilding stuff ie. finding similiarities in elements instead...