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    Inside Edges = Bunions?

    maybe not bunions but possibly hallux limitus and painful knees, if you are wearing high heels the inside foot thing is risky. it might not looks as nice, but for the sake of your feet maybe use the whole of the ball of your foot? edited to add, i don't want to contradict what the others have...
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    Podiatrist Says: Hallux Limitus

    i have it, podiatrist said the same thing to me. I spent two years miserable thinking I could never wear my heeled dance shoes again, but you know what? I took a risk and discovered that after wearing the orthotics and switching down to 6.5 cm/7cm heels for 4 hours of dancing a week I have...
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    Sentadas - How and when should you use them?

    auto correct o_O
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    The Embrace

    Guys! Remember this please! If your follower is short PLEASE do not bend your head down and forward to make contact with our cheek. if you are desperate to make contact, our forehead with your chin will do, but when you contort yourself it messes up the embrace and can hurt your follower's neck.
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    Thoughts on Fabian Salas

    Fabian is worth it for the technique aspect. You don't have to do his figures at milongas, but the balance, body control and technical issues with physically leading a step or movement are totally relevant to normal salon style dancing. If he's available you should go, but when he's going round...
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    Sentadas - How and when should you use them?

    Follower of over a decade here, and not too crappy at that. A warning to beginners: if my friends and I see a guy leading sentadas we WILL NOT dance with him unless it was obviously a joke and obviously flawlessly executed. Not just that evening either, we remember. Mirada will be ignored...
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    Cuddle shufflers

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    Who gets asked to dance

    Who is this generalist guy and how do I make everything he posts invisible? Appalling.
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    Snotty Subculture

    Twnkltoz there are a lot of circular stupid arguments and misunderstandings that go on and on and on on this board not because of 'semantics' but because people are using ENTIRELY the wrong words. I have been lurking and then posting here for 8 years and I see the same old rubbish over and over...
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    Snotty Subculture

    then I think you actually wanted the word 'persist'? Insist means pressing a point on somebody forcefully or demanding something. Persist means sticking around or 'keeping at it'. If Stanley is a manc as in mancunian he knows the difference.
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    Snotty Subculture

    I hope you don't mean 'insist' in the context of invitations? Don't insist, if you have to insist it means she doesn't want to dance with you. I will never understand why people like dancing with someone who is clearly not enjoying it at all.
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    Close to giving up.

    AT would probably drive him to a break down. It is BRUTAL. I would not recommend it for anybody with high levels of performance anxiety.
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    Close to giving up.

    I thought doug didn't like social dancing and was all about the group classes? I'm probably misremembering and I can't be bothered to go back and look at that thread from a while back. I'm confused about what he's looking for. Is he going with the intention to dance? Is he going with the...
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    Do I have a bad teacher? Should I quit?

    LOL El Pibe!
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    Comfortable Close Embrace?

    All good suggestions, if I can be bothered to attempt to dance with these young, groovy people I will have a go. Opendoor it is quite obvious that I am a follower so I don't know why you think a leader would be complaining about being rammed in the chest with a shoulder, but never mind. made...