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    Women asking men to dance.

    Hi Everyone. I totally understand what's happening here coz it's almost always the case here in Bangkok. We, women, are often outnumbered that if we don't take the prerogative of asking a guy for a dance, we would end up just sitting there the whole night. With this said, I don't mind asking any...
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    Looking to dance in Bangkok - recommendations?

    Hi, actually I haven't heard nor been to the places you mentioned here. However, I know some places that I also go to when dancing salsa. La Rueda at Sukhumvit 18, Tue-Wed-Thu and Sat. Zaks at Sukhumvit 11 on Friday. Above 11 on Sukhumvit 11 on Wed. Hope this helps! :)
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    Member Introductions -- Index

    Hi everyone! I'm Jennifer from the Philippines but currently based in Thailand where I was introduced to the world of salsa and bachata. Been dancing for the last 3 years and loving it is an understatement! I'm just lucky that a lot of really great dancers come to Bangkok for their holidays...