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    When do you stop being a beginner?

    Moderator I need help. I can't seem to see how to post a new thread. I would like to ask a question: Is a "tuck turn" the same as an outside turn? If not: what am I missing? Thanks for the help. Also, can you tell me how to post a new thread? Thank you, again.
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    Salsa in Indy

    Are you by any chance part of the Corbel user group? If you are look for me.
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    Qualities of a "Partnerzilla"

    I don't want to be a partnerzilla so I want to ask the ladies for advice. In WC swing and a few other dances, I would like to turn the lady to her right. If her arm is behind my right shoulder, she is locked and can't turn. Should I say something? If so, what?
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    Easier single step swing moves?

    Where I go on Tuesday they play a lot of fast jazz and we dance single swing to it. Where I go on Fridays is slower and almost all triple swing. My experience has been that anything I can do in triple swing will work in single swing, but only some things will transfer the other way. I just...
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    Women who like to drag men around when dancing patterns

    FWIW I am VERY slow to learn a pattern and a woman backleading is a big help to me until I "get it". Mind you, I dislike it a lot. But I know it is a big help to me. One side benefit is that I have learned to take advantage of a woman's musical talent. Last Tuesday, I was trying to dance a...
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    Maypole dancing: shoes or bare feet ?

    My question is related in that we are talking about dancing on grass. Over the summer, some friends and I will be going Salsa and Swing dancing on grass. This is on different night and different venues, by the way. For men and woman, what kind of shoes are best or do people like barefoot best?
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    injuring the lady while dipping her

    Have any of you ladies ever done the second type and been bent too far or do you decide how far you are going to do a back bend. By the way, I want to clarify something about type one. She is low but her back is not bent. She is almost straight as if standing.
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    injuring the lady while dipping her

    One other thing: Thanks for the ideas. I have been mostly asking before dipping a lady. From now on I will ALWAYS ask. Thanks again
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    injuring the lady while dipping her

    Would it make sense if I tried to break dips I have seen into three kinds. 1. The really low, long dip used in swing 2. The dip where the woman's legs are almost vertical and she is bent backwards at the waist. 3. The "dip" where she is almost vertical. I have been taught how to do the...
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    injuring the lady while dipping her

    I have heard of ladies being injured when dipped. I don't want to hurt my partner. How can this happen? What should I watch out for?
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    Deliberate Practice

    One example that recently helped me was a follower said my dancing felt a little "jerky or rough" (in a Latin dance. I don't remember which one.) We talked about it and she suggested I practice sliding my feet instead of lifting them. I practiced in front of a mirror, both my foot positioning...
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    I love to dance because....

    I love to dance because that is when I feel most alive.
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    Advices For Milonga Participants

    Any suggestions on where to look it up?
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    Why don't guys dance?

    Hi Jennyisdancing I think there is a million miles of difference between failing on the golf course and failing on the dance floor. When he shanks his drive off of the first tee, he has only failed himself. When he screws up on the dance floor, he has failed "his lady". I put "his lady" in...
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    Trying to think of what to do next...

    Thank you, everyone, for the great advice and ideas! A lot of this will help me tonight.