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    Favorite Salsa Songs

    Soledad, by La33 Aint Nobody, by Alex Wilson Lloras, by Dimension Latina (my favourite)
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    Where are the men to tango with at my beautiful 64 years of age? :)

    I know from my grandma. She is 84 and still dancing. Germany has very good female dancers in their 70s and 80s. And it looks really good.
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    Dancing in Germany?

    Berlin & Tango is a dream. Just Google Tango Berlin and you will find the best milongas in berlin.
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    Salsa in Berlin

    I think the best salsa club in Germany is Havana in Berlin. Also Stuttgart and München has very very good Clubs to dance Salsa. I was for an example last week in 7grad in Stuttgart and it was crazy. A lot of good dancers there. A very good and timely overview you will find at
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    Best Brands for salsa dance shoes

    I think werner kern shoes are very good