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    Amateur American Smooth

    To loop back to zlapi's original post...I think there's a bit of a self-perpetuating cycle in am smooth. With the exception of one or two competitions a year, there does seem to be a smaller field and I do think that pushes people out of it who might stick around longer if the field was...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    Choreography with David Hamilton last night. There. Is. No. One. Better.
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    Boston Ballroom Competition & Conference 2013

    I'll be working at the Dore booth on Saturday. If you're there, come by and say hi!
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    USDSC 2013

    That works Chris. Thanks for the tip!
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    USDSC 2013

    Hi Chris. You probably already know, but the Pro Smooth video folder doesn't work. :(
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    pre-competition disorder

    You'll be okay. ;) I'm not competing currently, but when I was, I rarely felt 100% prepared for a comp, but we always made it through. Good luck!
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    Boston Ballroom Competition & Conference 2013

    It's my birthday weekend too! I may be there to watch one day.
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    Uncomfortable with my wife ballroom dancing with other men

    Sorry...I should have clarified. I was trying to provide some insight into how the wife might be feeling and reacting, based on my own experiences!
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    Uncomfortable with my wife ballroom dancing with other men

    It is a totally different experience to dance with someone who is much better than you (a teacher) compared to dancing with someone who is at or around the same level with you. When you dance with someone much better than you, often it seems effortless because that person can over-compensate for...
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    Headphone suggestions for practice?

    Hi ballroomdancertoo. I remember some older threads with people trying to find a good way to be able to play music on two sets of wireless headphones, but I don't recall that anyone found a real solution. I could be wrong, and maybe there was a good solution. Did you try searching for past...
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    Picking a Pro for pro/am

    That's great J. Good luck!
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    Picking a Pro for pro/am

    This could be interesting if it's possible. J, I think from some of your past posts that we may be in the same general area, although I'm not certain. While I don't consider myself an "educated third party," I'd be happy to chat or PM, if it would be helpful to you to talk things out. Good luck!
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    Social Dance Hairstyles

    I tend to go with half up. That keeps the hair out of my face but it also isn't whipping around in a pony/braid to hit someone in the face. The benefit of half up is that you could still do some fun twirling things in the front/top if you wanted to, without feeling that it's all shellac-ed into...