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    Hip hop lessons in London

    You could try Imperial College, if they're who I think they are they're pretty impressive: In fact try any of the the London University/College Students' Union websites as they usually provide pretty cheap...
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    lindy in england

    Hmm, outside London...I know that Oxford, Newcastle and Leeds have some degree of swing 'scene'. Still in Britain but not England, Edinburgh sounds quite busy. Try this page for links to places in these cities (it's from the Newcastle site):
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    Making your home in a new country

    Boynextdoor, you made me smile! My hometown is very close to Taplow but I've never heard of anyone from overseas actually setting out to live in our county before. Heheh. It's alright there, but I grew up in that area (well, I'm not so old yet so maybe I'm not quite grown up) so it's hard for...
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    Swing film clips

    The Gap commercial can be found here. I can't actually remember it ever being on tv... w w
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    Online video of the Swingout (Lindy Turn)?

    There isn't a video but there are some detailed instructions under 'Notes': w w w
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    my inspirations

    I reckon Darcey Bussell (how many graceful Darcey's can there be?!). There was a documentary on television about her the other day, which is what I suspect the poster was referring to. And she is indeed beautiful, graceful and elegant. She was the Royal Ballet's youngest ever Principal Dancer...
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    Strictly Come Dancing - Zoe Ball

    eyesoffire49: "Interesting concept. Take the Top 2 couples from the past seasons of Strictly Come Dancing and add the Top 2, + 2 other couples of the fan's choosing from DWTS- and let them have at it. How would they stack up?!? Any opinions?" Apparently that's going to happen tonight...
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    A choreography idea is stuck in my head!

    Have you seen the film, "Center Stage". It has a sequence in it danced in a New York studio to the RHCP song "Higher Ground". All I really remember of it is the ending featuring a lot of turns, oh and a lot of jumps throughout. It was, as you described, very high energy!
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    Newbie question - ECS or Lindy

    Gracie: a "lindy bomb"? We have something in London called "Bomb the Bank"...I fail to see the connection to this thread, but I'll answer's where lots of dancers and a CD player find an open space and dance (here they use the south bank of the River Thames, probably for alliteration...
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    The Fantasy Christmas Present Thread

    Not wishing to interrupt the merry flirtation going on above I'll just answer the original question... ;) I'd like more hours in the day and week so I could dance more and yet not fail my degree. To be able to socialise, dance, study, sleep and eat without compromising any of them...
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    places to do swing dancing in London

    I've tried to post this list about 5 times with various things deleted, but the forum just won't let me because I haven't posted 15 times. Therefore please search the forum for "swing or other dance in the uk" and you shall find a long list I once posted (in the days when URLs were allowed...)...
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    Animal friendly swing shoes...

    This is frustrating: because I haven't posted enough times so far I can't write the URL of the site I want to direct you to. Anyway, there is a very well-known vegan shoe shop in Brighton, England. The website is along the lines of www dot vegetarian (hyphen) shoes dot co dot uk. I hope you...
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    calling all travelers!

    I liked Cambodia a lot, the people were very friendly, though in some ways it is a difficult country to digest. I have also travelled extensively in Malaysia (peninsula), not so extensively in East Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Laos (7 months in total). Also British Columbia and...
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    Swing or other dance in the UK?

    (thank you for all the welcomes!) I read somewhere just a week or so ago that London is the third most dangerous city in the world. However I don't know how 'dangerous' was defined. I which case I can't really disagree because I don't know exactly what I'm disagreeing with, but I'd like to...
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    Fractured Phrases

    I just wanted to clear this up: in my area we say "I couldn't care less". One hopes to convey the feeling that one really could not possibly care any less about a given situation. It is in fact the thing that one cares least about (I don't usually talk in 'ones' but using 'we' might be...