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    what makes a leader/follower good

    I've danced with a few follows lately that whenever I mess up they smile. When we're doing well they're focusing so hard on dancing well that they're grimmacing and it's just painful. So I have to back up the smile thing. I'd rather have a decent dance with someone that's having a good...
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    what makes a leader/follower good

    it varies as you grow in the dance. when you're new: leader: clean leads, solid frame follow: responsive, continues moving, solid frame when you've been dancing a little while: leader: same as above, but expanded move vocabulary, some experimentation keeps things interesting follow...
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    "Original" music West Coast Swing was danced to

    From my understanding of the history of "West Coast" and Lindy Hop, there was a pretty long blurry evolution from one to the other, so the most accurate answer would probably be "Big Band Swing" West Coast moved from being a ballroom-friendly Lindy Varient to a dance in it's own right it...
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    What's "West West"?

    do you mean west coast?!
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    Woohoo! PLX!!!

    I was there, was good. :) You guys missed out. And if you were only there for Saturday I hope you hit the dance at Pioneer Square (I didn't see you at all, woe is me!) --J
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    Dateless at Dance Forums

    I'm not sure why I'm still single, and most of my friends are confused by it too. I spend my time around beautiful women. All I'm looking for is an intelligent, beautiful woman who wants to teach dance professionally while maintaining a good money making career, who wants to compete in West...
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    Bad habits in the Lindy Turn

    You missed the ever-frustrating "stepping forward before being led to step forward." I'm curious what the follows would list as their most hated lead mistakes? :) (In the interest of fairness and all)
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    Steppin Come Lately

    I'm going to be a little harsh, so forgive me. But it sounds like you're upset because new people are invading your "turf." My guess is you feel pretty comfortable in your stepping community, and now a bunch of people who haven't put in the time you have are showing up and claiming to be...
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    swing etiquette question/problem

    I think I'd ask twice, but not any more than that. After that she obviousely knows I want to dance, and can find me if she really wants a dance with me.
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    So You Think You Can Dance...

    You know, you guys can both be right... Mary may be making comments that would be appropriate at a casting call/audition, or helpful in people who want to dance professionally in videos/broadway/whatever ... AND be turning off any potential social ballroom dancers. Maybe the drill sergeant...
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    Mens shoes - recommendations

    Ya, vans are fairly old school. :) Well, this depends on the type of swing you're doing I guess. For Lindy Hop, dancing on the balls of your feet isn't a requirement, or in my opinion even particularly helpful. Your weight needs to be back, not forward, so having a heel push you forward is...
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    Last time Andrew was up here visiting we watched that video with him, and I'm pretty sure he said the girl was one of his dance partners (only know of 2 that he's had recently, but can't remember their names). I know that's not much of a lead, but it's all I got for ya. :) Andrew is a hell of...
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    Am I the only one who doesn't like Nightclub Two-Step?

    There's kind of 2 "schools" of nightclub 2-step. On the one hand is the kind of poppy, bouncy, "Quick Quick slow, quick quick slow" style that doens't look very good (in my opinion) or fit the music very well. It's the more "samba-ish" version of NC2S. On the other hand is the super-smooth...
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    Mens shoes - recommendations

    Buy a pair of the most comfortable casual tennis/skater shoe you can find (I prefer vans). Take them to a shoe repair place, ask them to be sueded. Point out it's for dancing, not bowling (although I'm not sure what the difference is, but my shoe guy always asks). If you dance long hours...
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    Teaching a Lindy Hopper to WCS

    It actually sounds like they're getting "pulse" and "stretch" confused. Pulsing in West Coast is syncopating your bodies rythm to the even numbered beats (so 2, 4, 6, 8 are a little bitter slower than the odd numbered beats). It gives West Coast a cleaner, more precise look. Stretch is...