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    USA Dance Suspended from NDCA

    The intentions of the leadership of USA Dance are clear from their actions. They have reduced and not expanded their roster of competitions, especially in the Southeast. jj
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    USA Dance Suspended from NDCA

    I would love to see some substantiiation for that claim. Am/am participation at the NDCA events in Atlanta is so low as to be virtually nonexistent. jj
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    USA Dance Suspended from NDCA

    USA Dance would need a complete change of leadership before taking such a course and I don't see that happening. However, I agree that striking out on their own is exactly what USA Dance should do. There is a real demand for am/am competitions that NDCA-sponsored, pro/am dominated events do...
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    2020 Olympics

    I agree with every point that you make and have ever since I started dancing. All of your arguments have been made by others but no one in the leadership of the governing dance bodies is listening. Too many people who should know better have dollar signs (or should that be euro signs) in...
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    How do you afford Ballroom Dancing Lessons?

    Rice and beans are an excellent dietary choice for anyone. Both foods are naturally very low in fat and the combination of the two provides protein and fiber. Brown (or black) rice should be used instead of white. Properly prepared, rice and beans will not make you fat. In fact, I know several...
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    USA Dance Suspended from NDCA

    USA Dance is not the only organization pushing for the inclusion of ballroom in the Olympics. There will be arguments back and forth about the impact of this "suspension" (e.g. Will NDCA affiliated judges be alowed to work at USA Dance events?) but I will guarantee one thing: at the end of the...
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    Showcase routine

    Will you be performing this routine with your instructor or as part of an amateur couple? jj
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    Double reverse spin - momentum

    I've never been taught the "bombshell" in Standard but, according to your description, it would involve the lead bringing his left foot in and then extending it again all within a half turn. The original poster's question involves losing - or not creating - momentum in the first two steps. As...
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    Double reverse spin - momentum

    When you get a bit more experience then you'll understand my point. The actual "spin" part of a DRS for the lead (from the point at which the left foot has closed to the right at the end of the second step) is usually anything from a quarter to a half turn. Dancers at higher levels can do more...
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    Double reverse spin - momentum

    But the legs are not extended outward to slow down the rotation in this figure as Ron suggested. While I have no doubt that his understanding of physics is correct, the recommendation would not be in keeping with the character of the DRS. jj
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    Double reverse spin - momentum

    Dancers in Standard must maintain their top lines so bringing the arms "in" is not an option. The frame is not collapsible. jj
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    Double reverse spin - momentum

    Some questions - (1) Are you a lead or follow? (2) Is this bronze Waltz? (3) How long have you been dancing? (4) How long has your partner been dancing? It's almost impossible to describe or diagnose dance problems in writing. Could you put something on YouTube (or someplace) and then...
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    Can we dance a Tango to Beethoven's 5th?

    I knew a couple who were arrested for trying to do a Tango to Grren Day. ;) Seriously, I assume that this question involves a showcase. If so, then the folks running the show have the right to decide what you may or may not use as accompaniment. I have never seen a document which restricts...
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    I loved my first pro-am!

    Congratulations on your success. How long have you been dancing? jj
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    How do I know if they're good teachers?

    The best answer to the OP's question is that, for a newcomer, there really is no reliable way to discern a pro's worth as an instructor. Word of mouth, licenses and certificates, and competition results may offer some helpful evidence but none of these sources is foolproof. A license simply...