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    UK Tango weekenders in 2011?

    The autumn Tango Mango dates have been published: it's between 15th and 23rd of October. There's a full list of dates here:
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    My teachers dancing ;)

    Perhaps because their dancing improves and they take pleasure from it. I think it is a mistake to dismiss the ability of accomplished stage dancers, like these two, to teach salon or milonguero style tango. Down the years I've been fortunate enough to have lessons from the likes of Laila &...
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    UK Tango weekenders in 2011?

    Hi Dave, Greetings from snowy Devon. Some of the Bramshaw weekends you've got listed as being a "Super Tangk" are billed on Steve & Debbie's website as "Super Tangk Prep" (which I guess is the new name for the old plain & simple "Tangk"). For example, the September Ines & Constantin...
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    "The Dinzel System"?

    I believe that Jenny & Ricardo Oria studied with Los Dinzel, although they don't mention it on their website. However, they might be able to help with more information about the "method".
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    Have you ever walked an entire song at a milonga??

    Many times. More often than not the first tango I dance in an evening will just be walking. It helps me to relax, to shift my focus onto dancing, find my embrace and posture and to connect with my partner - it sort of "sets the tone" for the evening. If I'm having trouble getting into "tango...
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    who's really qualified to teach

    A lot of the teachers I respect do, or have done, Teacher Week at El Corte. The El Corte site seems to indicate that next summer they are doing a week for participants in previous Teacher Weeks; it'd be worth checking with Eric to see if he's also doing the normal programme for new attendees...
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    What the hey???

    While I largely agree with David's post, I can sympathise with your comments. However, our social dancing would be very constrained if we never danced with beginners or ladies who simply haven't developed their own axis and embrace to the point where they can maintain it throughout...
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    Newbie-Advice and holiday.

    You're right, I hadn't noticed that there are no "level A" weeks on this year's programme. Over the last few years Peggy & Vincent have organised weeks aimed at beginners so it'll be worth looking at next year's programme when it is published sometime in January. But wait - by that time...
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    Newbie-Advice and holiday.

    Paradise = Tango Valley I'm going to Croatia this summer, 11 days of beach and sun followed by 1 week of glorious tango with Ines & Constantin plus beach and sun. Ahhhh ...can't wait. Wherever you go, have fun and enjoy indulging your new found passion - it just keeps getting better and better.
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    Non-hippy AT weekenders (UK)?

    Mea culpa! My only excuse is that I'm uffering from the after effects of glandular fever - I'm well past the infectious stage but still generally feeling like tripe. I will drag my ancient bones up to London at some stage though: the gatherings on the first Friday of the month sound like a lot...
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    Non-hippy AT weekenders (UK)?

    Cruel but fair. Totnesia is a strange land of multicoloured shoes and Peruvian peasant hats which does tend to be reflected in the events organised in that area. They're fun though and there's no obligation to enter into the communal dining and washing up experience. Personally, when I go to the...
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    Happy New Year Rez's

    Sorry, I missed that question! The answer is "both". It's about the only place I've been to where nuevo and salon styles co-exist on the same, very crowded, dance floor with very, very little conflict; and when you've got all 125 couples dancing at El Corte it is very crowded. At the November...
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    Happy New Year Rez's

    Well, one of my resolutions is to do at least 4 chained salons at El Corte this year - which sort of justifies the following thread hijack! El Corte is not "up itself" - honestly. It's simply a fantastic place to dance and well worth the trip. You get some truly wonderful dancers there, and...
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    How old are you?

    Can't be having that. Seconded: I'm 49 and life just keeps getting better and better!
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    Yet another plug for the peeps in Blighty

    Eric is an excellent teacher, one of the very best I've had the pleasure to be taught by. I've heard him described as the finest European teacher of Tango and I can believe that may be the case - but I haven't been taught by all of them yet! Eric is also a lovely person. He is the founder and...