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    Latin and Smooth Dresses for sale size 2 to 4

    I have a teal Designs to Shine Latin dress for sale it was only worn 5 times. This dress really shows up on the floor. I am asking $2500. I also have the man's shirt that matches it. It is black with a matching stone pattern in a size large. The smooth dress is amazing on the floor. It...
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    Motion sickness bands I suggest getting motion sickness bands from a CVS or drug store. They go around the wrist and have helped several of our students reduce dizziness as the work on turn technique. Good Luck!
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    Proud Mom

    We now have a You Tube channel for UCWDC. Please Check it out. We are adding new videos all of the time.
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    What songs should a band learn?

    I suggest checking with the local instructors that teach at the bars or most cities have a Country Western Social dance club. They can help because they are usually the one's who teach these dances and can keep you up to date on what songs to add. If you get more couple dancers try playing...