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    Best food to have before competition

    My main intention was to post a video of a friend, but with your rule it was hard, i respect the forums completly and intent to use it to its full potential but the rule made it difficult for my main purpose to be done
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    Anyone know

    Yes lol correct
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    Anyone know

    Sorry its in the USA lol
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    heel splits

    Fastest way to heal one?
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    Dancing nightmares

    What are some performances that you have had that just bombed. Mine i went to an event that my couch told the LEVEL 2 people to attend and i had just graduated to level 2, my mom not knowing the difference made me dress up and go. When it started i stood there not knowing anything of what he was...
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    Best food to have before competition

    Lets hear your suggestions :)
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    Any suggestions

    On where to start when it comes to salsa? and no smart remarks please lol im on a budget and cant afford lessons
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    Do something randomly nice to someone

    I read that peoples emotions and vibes give off signals to the universe and good or bad things happen to them. Try doing something very generous today and see what comes your way :)
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    Hey guys

    If you could post any events going on in riverside i would highly appreciate it :)
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    Anyone know

    of good clubs for this particular dance in the riverside area
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    Hey guys

    Any suggestions on shoes for guys who dance, i cant seem to find one that fits me well