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    Dance Shoes and Your Feet

    Folk Dance shoes Just was reading about shoe's...In my opinion..I would never order shoe's..might be ok for some..but I must try on shoes for myself..all feet are different... I use to wear the heel black shoe with the stramp...for looks and performing..but now I wear low heel shoes..must...
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    Dance camps

    Talk about dance camp I go to dance camp every year in feb. Silver Springs, Fl. from friday evening, all day saturday,sunday,part on monday..We have great teachers from around the world..learn all about folk dancing,learn lots of dances. I wouldn't miss it for the is furnish, sleep...
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    Florida Dancers!!Join our group to me Would you like to learn to folk dane? I do belong to the "Orlando Folk Dance Club" e-mail me will tell you where to dance..ok
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    Florida Dancers!!Join our group

    If you live in central Florida.can dance also like to perform with us..we can show you how to folk dance..In need of male dancers..please send picture of you and e-mail me on your background of dancing.