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    Where to WCS or CWD in San Jose Area

    Thanks for the suggestions! I will check out these places.
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    Where to WCS or CWD in San Jose Area

    I will be in San Jose CA for a week next month. Is there any place to go dancing WCS or country western partner dancing in this area. Will have a car so can drive. Thanks!
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    SYTYCD Season 4 Week 9

    Is there a list of routines and songs from the show? Hi, It has been a while since I have been on these boards, but I remember in the last season someone would post the songs played each week and who sang them. I wanted to buy some of these songs but couldn't remember all the ones I liked...
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    Why no shank in competition Evenin Stars??

    what is the "welt" and why wear nude color If you look down at a boot with a welt, you can see the outline of the sole extending beyond the upper of the boot. If there is no welt all you see if the upper of the boot. this along with the absence of the shank makes the boot lighter and easier to...
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    DWTS tour - length?

    I went to the show last weekend in Baton Rouge. It started at 7:30 and ended around 9:50 pm. There was an intermission around 20 minutes or so. It was FABULOUS! I loved the entire show, they are just as good and "hot" in person as they are on the show. I highly recommend it. The guys all sing in...
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    SYTYCD - Season 3, Week 6 - Spoilers

    What did Jesus say that got cut during his goodbye speech When I got to watch the show (I recorded it to watch as I was on vacation) when Jesus was making his goodbye speech, the camera cut away from him into the audience and bleeped part of his speech. I couldn't tell if it was intentional or...
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    Difference bw CW Polka and German Polka?

    Besides the type of music danced to, is there any other differences between Country Western Polka and German Polka? Are the patterns, technique, tempo, etc. the same or different? Thanks for the responses.
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    What is the origin of Two Step?

    Thanks for the feedback, and the comic relief! This was all new to me, good history lesson.
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    Places to CW dance in Houston and Fort Worth

    I will be there visiting in the next couple weeks and am looking for places to go dancing. Thanks for any recommendations.
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    What is the origin of Two Step?

    What is the origin of Two Step? Where was Country Western Two Step started, when and by whom? I heard recently it was invented for the Urban Cowboy movie and did not exist prior to that. I had never heard that before. Thanks
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    Places to Dance in Houston and Ft Worth areas?

    I will be on vacation starting next August 17 (thursday) for several days in Houston and then to FT Worth area. If I can break away from family, what are some good places for dancing? Swing, country western, latin and/or ballroom? thanks!
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    So You Think You Can Dance - Ballroom Portion

    Allison and Travis? The way Allison was dancing around Travis on her last dance, and Travis's shocked and devastated looks made me wonder if they are an item or something? Did they know each other before the show? I have never heard the show mention they were friends or worked together, etc...
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    You Know you are Addicted to Dancing when...

    just had to add my 2 cents worth One closet in your house is devoted to your “dance” clothes You would rather go to dance event than family reunion ( I guess this isn’t so bad depending on your family) You get on “dance forums” and before you know it you have been on there an hour reading...
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    How to calculate size of floor needed?

    Yes, this would be social dancing, not competition. For the more popular dances, we have almost our entire attendance on the floor at one time with fewer than 10 people or so sitting out. our attendance is running around 100 persons. thanks for the tips.
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    How to calculate size of floor needed?

    What size (in feet/ square feet) of wood dance floor is needed to accomodate comfortably approx 45-50 couples at one time dancing ballroom? Is there a rule of thumb for this? Our group has outgrown the floor at our current facility and it would be good to know this as we search for other...