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    For the bachata fanatics out there-a serious question

    Totally, Girl. Both those videos are ways that i like to dance bachata...just depends on the guy and the mood. When you find a guy that you can be close to... :raisebro: But it has nothing to do with the rubbing or groping. It IS a total disappointment when you think the guy can dance and he...
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    Hello from SalsaDallas

    I think this is the latest and greatest: Thursdays: Rocc Lounge-across the street from the Galleria in North Dallas Fridays: La Joya in Irving-Mc Arthur and Royal Ln. Saturday: Rocc Lounge or Mambo Cafe in the West End section of Downtown Sunday: Mambo Cafe Friends of mine often go to the Mambo...
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    Come join us in celebrating the music of one of salsa's favorite dancers as he shows off his musical talent! Latin Jazz pianist extraordinaire Joel Massicot & his 10 piece ensemble Ritmo Masacote deliver their phenomenal music presentation, Fantagious (a combination of fantasy &...
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    Flava Invasion 4: "chaotica"

    What happens when you put a Broadway show, a choreographers’ carnival, a salsa/mambo congress, and the most festive of parties all together in one event? FLAVA INVASION 4: "CHAOTICA" Come and join us and some of the world’s most renowned Latin dance choreographers &...
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    Flava Invasion 4: "Chaotica" website

    Ask anyone, this was the hottest salsa/mambo dance event in the country in 2008. Trust...It will be even HOTTER in 2009!!! **Check out for full information! Continuously updated!!**
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    Noemie Millon & Gordon Neil Salsa Workshop In Atlanta!! Not To Be Missed!!

    **Please visit to register online and/or for more details and directions** Party will follow workshops at the dance studio: $7 if you attended workshops $10 without workshops (Due to their busy schedules, Gordon and Noemie may not be able to attend the afterparty, but...
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    Noemie Millon & Gordon Neil Salsa Workshop In Atlanta!! Not To Be Missed!!

    Noemie Millon is coming all the way from Paris, France to collaborate with one of her dance partners Gordon Neil (she also dances with Leon Rose...and previously danced with Paris Salsa Gang , Uforia, and U-tribe (including in the infamous battle with Tropical Gem)) **DON'T MISS THIS...
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    Anyone going to NY Salsa Congress (Aug 27-31): Roll Call

    I'm hoping to go this year!!! This will be the first time in 6 years where I not only get a weekend off...but a holiday! WOOHOO! Gotta go look at tickets....
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    Flava Invasion 4
  10. K review of Fantagious Masacote Fantagious CD (Masacote Records 002), Released 2008; Editor's Pick: This is a really interesting Latin jazz album. Different to say the least. Boston based pianist and man of many talents Joel "Masacote" Massicot...
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    Salsa in Colorado?

    Yeah, he and his wife moved there about a year ago... Oh yeah, I forgot how small Blue Ice's dance floor is! I only went once and I think we had packed 5 couples on the floor lol!
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    Salsa in Colorado?

    There is some salsa in Colorado (primarily everyone dances on1). Unfortunately my hook up for when I go home has moved to Norway so I don't have the most current info on where to go. LaRumba (in far as I know there is nothing in the Springs but it's only an hour drive) is hopin' on...
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    Fantagious Release Production and Party Videos Check out sneak peeks of the theater production and after parties!
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    Paris Mambo Festival June 6 to 8

    I have some good friends going......wish one of them was me!! :( Are you going? HAVE FUN!!