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    What makes a dress cost _______?

    I used to represent DansCouture in the US for a bit and they had some really cool designs. That said, during my dance years I purchased all but my first gowns from outside of North America. I bought many from Marabo for around 2.5K custom made or sponsored, I used to be sponsored by Britta...
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    Dresses for rent

    That was the one, this looks like the photo was simply stolen.. Seeing this reminded me that I wanted to make a post and let everyone know that I sold my rental business. The lady who bought it from me has a very nice looking site now, and did what I never got time to do, took some good...
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    Favourite Coach of all Time

    Fabio Selmi and Michael Barr.
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    Ohio Star Ball 2014

    Thank you!
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    Ohio Star Ball 2014

    Any standard results? Am, pro or RS? Would get the app but I recently switched back to unsupported blackberry...
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    Holiday Dance Classic 2014

    Seems like this will be a big one, I have had many requests for gowns for this event, more than for Ohio. Not that it's this indicative but Holiday ball keeps being mentioned by everyone that's talking to me for the last 2 months.
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    Dresses for rent

    The gown arrived last night, it will comfortably fit 2-6 5'4''-5'7''.
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    Dresses for rent

    Well, they are European and their sizes tend to run smaller than some other designers. I am just basing the size on my experience with the brand in the past. I always used to dance in M when I competed and was around size 4, would have never fit their S. I can't confirm true size for this gown...
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    Dresses for rent

    I just purchased it brand new and it won't arrive for at least a week and a half so cannot give you exact size yet. But its a marabo gown and they marked it as M, which usually translates to 2-6, most of their gowns are in the range of 5'4-5'7. I can verify the size once I receive it.
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    Basic Wear to Practice

    I second VE dance recommendation, they definitely have a good selection for men. Plus the owners are super sweet.
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    Dresses for rent

    This is the last addition to my rentals for the year. It will be available towards the end of November. Because of the second baby, I will probably not be adding any more gowns till deep into 2015.
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    Dresses for rent

    I have one more gown I just added to my rentals :) Also the other 5 gowns I recently posted are still available for Ohio. (and if you contact me, you have to mention the $25 DF discount in order to receive it )
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    New Gowns on Designer's clearance, all the gowns will be $900 and will be at MAC

    Sorry Christina, they are all gone :( I still have some consigned or rental dresses in that range, but no longer have any new ones :(
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    I guess it's break up time

    I think I saw at least some of those names announced on dancesportinfo. Making a wild guess, its a post International breakup week, similar to a post Blackpool or post UK Open breakup week?
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    Best Color Gown

    No clue if they have those still but aurum stones were really awesome gold ones.