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    Custom Fit Shoes?

    Perhaps this has already been asked before (I looked and scanned through the shoe sticky thread... hopefully I didn't miss it). Anyway, my feet have always been difficult to find shoes for. ALWAYS! And it never seems to matter what kind of shoe I'm shopping for. It will take me a few months to...
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    Stretches for Dancers

    Ohhhhh!!! I'm all ears too, Em!!! I don't have a desire to become a controtionist. It's just that I'm 47 and only now beginning dance and would really really really like to gain some flexibility and balance. I wonder if I can do that without killing myself. LOL!!!
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    Why Do Dancers Smoke?

    You are so right, pnoisette! As a new dancer and a new quitter I'm very happy to have stumbled upon this thread. Cheers to the original poster!