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    How should I take notes?

    Shooting a quick video works the best for me.
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    Ballroom vs. Country Waltz, Cha Cha, Swing

    I don't see hardly any difference in WCS between CW and WSDC. If you like to dance one dance to all music, your a westie. If you like to dance different dances to different music your CW. I agree, all CW couples dances struggle to find space in the line dance blob.
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    WCS Changes In The Past 10 Years

    Tangotime's point about changes in dance are driven by the music changing is probably right. The changes in WCS happened as the music changed after the 90s. Things probably cruise until the next big music change.
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    WCS Changes In The Past 10 Years

    By the time I started, the tap was already out. Handy for some moments, but I always learned to do all the steps. Hand grip seems to adjust slightly, but the difference seems pretty marginal to me. There seems to be a bit of a movement to an hourglass slot, but that seems to have more to do...
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    WCS Changes In The Past 10 Years

    I did not want to cause too much thread drift. However, the Champions thread going on has me thinking. What changes have all of you observed in WCS over the past decade? There is always an impression of a rapidly evolving dance. However, it seems pretty consistent to me. Even the champions seem...
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    Why is Country Western Dance Changing so fast?

    I agree ... with a good lead, dances just work out. As long as both partners are smiling through the dance, style is irrelevant.
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    Why is Country Western Dance Changing so fast?

    Hi Steve, It has been a while since I had time to visit Dance-Forums. Do the ladies care that your using the old style? If your getting lots of repeat "customers", who cares which version of 2-step or Nite Club. If your getting turned down or skipped over, it might be time to modernize...
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    Differing Versions of Nite Club 2Step Has Me Frustrated - Thanks UCWDC!

    Generalist, I had not been by Dance-Forums for a bit. Adapting to the dancers around you and to your partner seems like a great idea. I liked Bradmant's comments above as well.
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    After watching the pro videos

    I would say the judges are about 50-50 men and women. I wouldn't stress over the finalized styling. There is always an over exaggeration of some movements regardless of if we are comparing CW competition vs social or ballroom competition vs social.
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    Easy Now

    You might try Shazam at your next dance. I know friends that have built whole home dance lists using the Playlist creator and tagging songs at a dance to replay later.
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    How would you dance to this one?

    I usually dance WCS to the original song.
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    Country Dance Question -- What is Schottische?

    I use one of the little Roxio VHS-DVD converts. It just intercepts the video out and then digitally converts it to a UBS connection. Just set it up and hit go and come back in a couple hours. I think I found mine on sale for something silly like $19 and figured it was worth a shot...
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    My brother's and sister in law's wedding song help...

    Just a suggestion on the original song. Country waltz travels a lot. So their venu is important. If their dance space is small, a fast waltz just makes the couple look like little robots going in a tight circle. If tigey have some space, it will be much prettier. They could also play with...
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    Yep, I find the snare drum (or equivalent) is always key to knowing where we are in the music. I have always been taught that a definition of swing songs is putting the emphasis on the upbeat. If the emphasis is on the downbeat, then I pick a different dance like a rhythm dance or NC2S as SQQ...
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    Your probably on to something. That the ordinal Lindy Hoppers slowed down and danced a folk 2-step seems much more plausible than a single Highschool freshman creating a dance. Having a folk root and then traveling out would allow such similar dance steps to form in such different dance...