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    Most popular dance style?

    What is the most popular partner dance style in the world right now? How about in the US? How about in your country of origin? I've heard a couple of non-dancers recently say that salsa is the most popular dance style, but I'm not sure where that comes from, since those individuals don't...
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    New Years Eve Songs?

    I've compiled the following list of potential songs. I'll obviously have to fill in from my regular playlists, but what do you think? I haven't listened to all of them yet, so if you have a favorite performer, or dance style suggestion please let us all know! Thanks! New Year's Day U2...
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    New Years Eve Songs?

    I just read through the Xmas song thread, and saw lots of great songs. However, I'm planning a New Years Eve Ball, so I want wintery/holiday songs that are not (necessarily) Xmas related. Any thoughts? Kevin
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    Ballroom Software??

    I don't understand why you want special software, Excel should be fine. For examples of how Dancevision manuals work check out: You'll have to click on one of the syllabus manuals listed, and then look at the sample, but it is a...
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    American Dancer magazine - running thread, too

    I don't work for the magazine, but I am suprised to read that you think they haven't been keen on accepting outside submissions. The USADance website (horribly out of date since they still list the old title and editor) actually requests submissions. The link is...
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    American Dancer magazine - running thread, too

    Write your own articles for American Dancer I wrote several articles related to dance and submitted them to Amateur Dancer (as well as Dancing USA), I think they are all in the "Articles" section of Dance Forums. I'm not a professional writer, but the topics were things that interest me, so I...
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    Dwts - Week 5 - Spoilers

    She made the announcement well in advance of next weeks competition and elimination. If it made the news on Thursday you have to expect that she told the studio Wednesday or early Thursday. As long as the studio decided what to do quickly enough it doesn't really take any time away from...
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    Sara Evans quitting!

    OK, I just read the last couple of pages of the week 5 posts, so I guess you all knew that Sara was leaving. Kevin
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    Sara Evans quitting!

    Hello everyone, I just got a call from the local country radio station to get my impressions about the announcement that Sara Evans is quitting Dancing With The Stars. Apparently she is getting divorced and wants to be able to spend more time with her 3 kids. Have any of you heard...
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    Dance Camps

    I've attended the DanceVision dance camp in Las Vegas for the last two years and have enjoyed the experience partly because that caliber of dancer doesn't tend to spend much time in my home state (Vermont, USA). No traveling teachers come through this area... Anyway, have any of you attended...
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    group classes vrs private lessons

    I was just reading the thread "When group classes dominate the floor ", and I was a little suprised. I've never been abywhere where private lessons and group classes went on at the same time. Apparently that is pretty common, though. Around here (I live in Vermont, USA) it seems that the...
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    Have you considered trying to teach the teacher, or asking if you can teach the class? If you approach the teacher carefully you might be able to convince them to change their ways... Kevin
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    Trade Partners to Learn Faster

    That is certainly a large part of why I encourage people to trade partners! This is another excellent point. It's also vey helpful for the newer dancers to dance with people even newer than they are because it gives them a boost of confidence. Hey I actually know how to do something...
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    "Making Your Wedding Dance More Memorable", Vermon

    "Making Your Wedding Dance More Memorable", Vermont Bride, Jan-March, 2005 The wedding ceremony went wonderfully, just as you planned, and at the reception you and your new husband are introduced to your friends and families for the first time as a couple. Everyone watches as your husband...
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    "How Much Technique", Amateur Dancers, March/April

    "How Much Technique", Amateur Dancers, March/April 2005 When is the best time to introduce good dance technique? Should dance technique be taught during the very first lesson or class, or should it be taught later? The general consensus will probably be that technique should be taught as...