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    How many percent of your income on dancing ?

    Over fifty percent. I work to dance...and save up for graduation trip ;)
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    Rumba, technical question about footwork when doing a cucaracha

    Word. There are drawn-out cucarachas where you can do full weight shifts, but usually cucarachas are done in a split weight position with only the hip weight shifting. Thus, heels down.
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    Your Favorite Rumba

    Rumba's definitely my favorite dance to watch, out of the latin dances, and I'd like to see them if you know of a really good one that you found on youtube or something. Show dance or not, don't care. Here are a couple of my favorites...
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    Practicing alone

    If practicing alone bores you, you're in good company. I have fun practicing alone for about 40 min before getting bored. However, if there is anyone you know who are involved with dancing at all, practice with that person. Not as partners, but just as each other's...
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    How much do you dance per week?

    Been dancing for a year; Amateur Latin Dancer preparing for prechamp debut. Definitely lesson once a week on honing the basic technique and/or a choreo lesson on connection + related technique. Costing $40 ish on average when split with my partner.
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    Slavik Kryklyvyy e Hanna Karttunen

    No Franco & Oxana? Sad face. Although I'm definitely excited about the first two couples you mentioned. Love love love max's choreo.
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    Favorite Latin Instructor in NYC/NJ

    I take lessons with Aleks in 101, and I very much like her teaching style. I learn the most from her by dancing with her and having to lead her while she's being difficult at points where my lead needs improvement. Connection is definitely her strong point, and her choreo is creative but simple...
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    Do I have to wear revealing costume to a latin comp ?

    Classy is definitely good. I think colors that are out there like neon green are just tacky, but that may be just me. How much revealing and where really depends on the woman. Karina has amazingly sexy back; all Beata has to do is show some legs. *Meltdown*
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    Getting men interested in dance

    For me, it was the stupidity of high school / college dancing scene that drove me to ballroom and other partner dances. I love music, and I wanted to do something on the dance floor other than go up and down to the incredibly mundane beat. You know, it's lovely watching ladies dance alongside...
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    New Jersey Dancers Thread

    Me Central NJ here as well. Attending Princeton. If you guys are ever at a collegiate comp or anything, please do root for the Pton team! I suppose Rutgers has an OKAY team... but we're better. ;-P Started in Boston last summer with a salsa class. Loved the dynamics of lead-and-follow. Now...
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    How to get best out of a social dance event

    yes I hear you emeralddancer. When I get decent at latin, I want to do standard, salsa, blues/jazz dancing, swing, and argentine tango. It may just take a while, yea?
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    How to get best out of a social dance event

    Watch and learn Here is what I used to do: I'd look at a really old dude who can't really dance his body, but can lead the lady very well. I'd watch with a drink in my hand for a few rounds, and I'd watch for one or two particular moves that are easy to copy and that the women seem to enjoy. I...
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    Men's latin costume

    Thank you, latin gal. Great forum. I am leaning towards black/black as well although my partner does have a red costume. My question was actually more towards the style of the shirt (most pants look the same to me). I guess it's whatever style looks good on me, but I just want an idea of what...
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    Men's latin costume

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a costume for a men's latin costume for amateur prechamp comp. I'm an undergrad in college, 5'8", not skinny but not buff, and fairly tanned. Any recommendations? I was thinking black, white, or dark red, but I'm open to suggestions.
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    Best City

    Hi all, I am an undergrad who recently became obsessed with ballroom and am also extremely interested in every other kind of partner dances. I will be going to grad school in a year or two, and I want to be in the best environment possible. I live in central NJ now and there are no clubs, no...