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    Why do people critique and boss me in West Coast?

    :D Been there done that. But this is not just a WCS thing. I recall being at Toronto Salsa Practice and asking a guy to dance. He looks me up and down (I am not a small woman) and asks "What Level are you?" I was aghast. And annoyed. So I said, "I am intermediate level American Style...
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    Why do people critique and boss me in West Coast?

    I had to beat that out of one advanced level guy I knew in my WCS. As I told him, " If you don't dance with beginners they will STAY beginners and you will end up with fewer and fewer people to dance with. Besides, this is Toronto - the bulk of the beginners here are coming in with knowledge of...
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    Beginning follower needs advice

    The issue may not be whether you are a "natural follower" - the problem may be what/who you are following: the leader or the music. Remember "more experienced" does not necessarily mean *better* You would be amazed how many so-called experienced leaders - and followers - can't truly lead/follow...
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    Swing DJ Headcount

    BTW DJs - ideas for crossover tunes (WCS and chacha/rumba/NC2Step). Stuff to keep my ballroom crowd happy?
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    Night club Playlist

    You do realize that perhaps I can read and that perhaps I was attempting to bring the thread to life rather than opting to reinvent the wheel by asking the question again? But as you say - Life is too important to be taken seriously.
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    Swing DJ Headcount

    Thank you, cara. I warn everybody - I'm an info and music junkie. *grin*
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    Swing DJ Headcount

    80s WCS SWEET! Never thought of that one. I'm a 80s gal - any other WCS 80s tunes come to mind? My 80s collection tends to be more ECS/Jive heavy. Bueller? Bueller? Beyond Janet, Michael and Madonna here are a few of my favs: Peter Gabriel ... Steam Robbie Nevil... C'est la vie...
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    World WCS Music

    Nothing I like better than stumping the Toronto WCS crowd with new music from overseas. Sometimes its stuff from Great Britain (Paloma Faith) or Turkey (Mustafa Sandal). Sometimes I get cool stuff from Japan via anime OST. Or from North/West Africa (via France) I'm wondering if anyone any...
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    Question about this particular situation in WCS

    Frankly, I call this back leading not hijacking. But as someone has both back lead and hijacked - when I was both younger and more of a Diva - I would posit other theories. The only time I would pull a backlead/hijack that was: when the lead was not defined enough ("did he want 2 spins or...
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    Night club Playlist

    Hustle songs I do "never thought of that" lists *smile*. The BPM are a bit faster but try: One In a Million (Remix) - Bosson A Different Drum - Peter Gabriel Daddy Could Swear, I Declare - Gladys Knight & The Pips ~Kristine Play that Funky Music and Dance
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    Degree of difficulty in WCS

    *Grin* Just an aside - this is a question to ask the WCS guys from Toronto. We went through a period where the guys were constantly following! One Angel workshop, none of us gals got to dance with Angel because the guys were hogging him. And to be clear, this was not about gender preference...
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    WCS Following question?

    Levels I'm going to answer your story with a story. Years ago I was at Toronto Salsa Practice. I asked a guy to dance with me (in salsa, when you are a 260 lb woman of colour, and not cute pert and blonde, you have to do the asking *grin*) The guy acquiesces, begrudgingly, but before we...
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    Why do people critique and boss me in West Coast?

    Sounds like a regional thing You know what happens in Toronto when a leader (or follower for that matter) does that sort of nonsense? They don't get to dance much... then they don't get to dance at all. I see that sort of foolishness in the salsa crowd -- but only with idiots who can't...
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    Biggest mistakes by beginner dancers

    What about the music? To be honest I would step back for the issues regarding the steps (lead and follow) entirely. I don't know about you guys/gals but the biggest problems I have had with beginners include: inability to count inability to recognize rhythm(s) leaders/followers demanding...