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    What's better for a (rank) beginner - salsa or swing?

    welleah: I think you should learn both of these dances. Don't limit yourself to just one dance. In my experience, it is common to learn more than one dance at a time. It is interesting that you mentioned both salsa and swing. I'm in my late 20's and began dancing in my late teen years. The...
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    Newbie here

    irhxcbcziuzxs: I'm not discouraging you from sticking with Arthur Murray, but depending on how quickly you progress, you may find yourself looking elsewhere for lessons. From what I have heard of AM, it is a great place for beginners (very expensive, though), but when you become more advanced...
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    gratitude thread

    My supportive family. Family means the world...only ones that stick with you always.
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    Sunday Times

    Thanks for sharing the article. It makes me excited to know they are teaching ballroom dance to children in schools. I really hope it makes its way to every school! It's so important for children to experience "non-academic" education in addition to their classroom instruction.
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    Word Association

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    Where do you practice outside the studio?

    I don't really practice much outside of the studio, but if I do, it's usually around the between rooms and hallways. It's difficult on the carpet, of course. The tile works pretty well but it is a small space. If I want to be serious about practicing, I get to the studio before my...
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    Ballroom and the economy

    It seems that attendance to the dance parties in Southern Orange County (California) is the same as always. I do agree that some people need an "escape" from difficulties in the economy, and therefore go to dance. I also attended a dance competition a week ago and it was packed full of...
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    Help on improving turns?

    I don't have a problem doing multiple turns as long as I have the momentum to do them. In my opinion it's most difficult to do isolated, single, turns. I agree with sambagirl in that you could try to practice each turn in small increments to gain control.
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    Snap, Crackle, Pop

    I don't pop all that much. Sometimes a wrist, ankle, knee, or shoulder. I'm not sure how it's like to have your "spine" pop. That sounds kind of scary...
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    Teaching by students

    Being a student myself, I do not like pointers from other students. I don't mind receiving help if I ask for it, but it really bothers me when someone tells me how something should be done without me asking. I guess what really gets me are those guys who will tell me how to do something that I...
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    Ouch!! New Shoes!!

    I have a pair of Elegance brand dance shoes- latin heel sandels. I can't remember the name of the right now but I bought the same type when my first pair wore down. I don't remember ever having blistering or other major issues with wearing them in. They are excellent shoes!
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    Not How... Not What.... But WHY?

    Nik- I think knowing "why" we do things the way we do is very important. I'm not currently taking lessons but you struck my curiosity with something you mentioned. You wrote that we don't move our hips in the latin dances because it looks good. So why do we do this?
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    Question on Entering the Comp Floor

    I love hearing about everyone's tricks. I'll be sure to look out for them at the California Open next weekend :-)
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    To bleach or not to bleach?

    It's interesting how many little things need to be taken into consideration before a competition. Us women are made to go through so much torture for beauty sometimes :-) Sometimes you need the extra little edge to make yourself stand out. I'm not a competitor myself (I'm a social dancer) but...