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    How to become more confident when social dancing?

    That's how I was interpreting it. Otherwise I might say they were a rough lead!
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    what do you guys do for living?

    That's certainly eclectic. It's funny because I also use a food service job to supplement my income now
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    The Weather Thread

    Same! Today it's finally getting cold and I did NOT dress for the weather. I'm freezing today at work.
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    This or That?

    Professionals Chocolate or Candy?
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    Word Association

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    TV Shows you are watching now

    What's pitch? I haven't even heard of it...
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    Any books/series that you just read over and over?

    What's the Crystal Cave about? Is it fantasy?
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    Any books/series that you just read over and over?

    I used to be an avid reader, but having to read so much through the end of my education stamped out a little of the joy for me. I recently decided to get back into it though! I looked around at all the books on my shelves and I fell in love again. I started with the Harry Potter series (shut...
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    Word Association

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    TV Shows you are watching now

    Oooo, my husband and I just finished! What did you think?
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    Five Letter Game

    Ukulele's leave astoundingly large imprints GLRID
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    I'm going to.....word game

    I'm going to Lake Lakota with Leonard to lap up life-saving liquid and learn to launch large lamprey lures. Next person: P
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    What made you smile today?

    I love Halloween. I love the costumes! I love the sweet treats! I love that it's in the air! Oh, I also finally finished a draft of my new mini eBook. I can not wait to start handing it out!