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    Any hope for my stoopid hyperextended knees??

    Some form of hyperextension is typical in dance, especially ballet. You have to know your limits, a balance inbetween before you straighten them too far, and straighten them just right. It's hard, I know. I am bow-legged, and I am trying to keep my legs straight (even though most of the time...
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    is it true that there are fewer male dancers than female ones

    Re: is it true that there are less male dancers than female Uhh...right. Notice how this is a ballroom dancing forum mainly? Take a ballet class and you'll see a gender difference.
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    Female dancer equals prostitute. Come again?

    Confusion between exotic dancing and actual stylized dancing. It happens quite a bit. Just be more elaborate next time and it shouldn't happen; unless of course, they throw some double innuendos at you.
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    is it true that there are fewer male dancers than female ones

    Re: is it true that there are less male dancers than female I believe this only holds true in the Modern and Ballet world. I do not think it's so much of a problem in ballroom dancing.
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    Does being a musician hinders or helps your dance growth?

    Helps. Being musically sensitive is grand.
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    Sprained toe!!

    Don't even bother going to see a doctor. They'll tell you the exact same thing that normal people will tell you: splint it to the next toe with tape. Take ibuprofen and put ice on it to stop the swelling.
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    How many pairs of dance footwear do you have?

    6 pairs of ballet slippers (blacks and whites) 1 pair of jazz sneakers 1 pair of tap shoes 1 pair of jazz shoes
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    My legs HURT from dancing.. is it my shoes? maybe fire?

    I don't really know all much about grinding, but it's probably due to your lack of exercise of that kind of type. It works specific muscles, and they probably aren't used to it just yet. Shoes can be a factor, also, if your feet are hurting.
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    Omarion/Usher Style?

    Oh, oh. That was clever. I am going solely based on what you have said over the past few months. :)
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    Dance Movies

    Center Stage (Ballet, Jazz, Salsa) The Turning Point (Ballet) The Company (Ballet) An American in Paris (Jazz/Tap) Singin' in the Rain
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    Maintaining eye contact

    I never stare in people's eyes unless asked to by a teacher or choreographer. I just can't. I was raised to believe (my own morals) where looking in the eyes is very rude, just as rude as pointing a finger.
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    It's called: This is disgusting, and I have no self-respect for me nor my body.
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    Omarion/Usher Style?

    You are quite boisterous with your opinions. We know you don't like Usher nor Omar, and are totally obsessed with MJ. We know you have a website that shows that you have an ego the size of Mt. Everest. Get off your high horse, will ya?
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    Strip Tease

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    Beginning Ballet Again

    Pilates works wonders on core strength, flexibility, and just strength in general. If you're dedicated, just stretch at home. For your ankle strength - since most people will go on pointe about two years after starting ballet - just do releves, eleves, and single-footed eleves. This will make...