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    Miles apart embrace

    I'd suggest you not say what other posters think. They are quite able to speak for themselves. Thanks for clarifying your thoughts. Sometimes our first comments are not as clear as we would like.
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    Miles apart embrace

    It bothers me that anyone would suggest a woman (or a man) who prefers a distant embrace in tango classes has "major intimacy/closeness" issues. I can imagine lots more reasons for that preference. For that matter, I'm dubious about the suggestion that a distant apart embrace decreases one's...
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    How do you get Dance invitations

    I had a tango web site in LA for many years with news of local events. Then Vladimir Estrin created a similar site. He did, and still does, such a terrific job that I let my site lapse. The amount of time and energy (and love!) he spends on the site must be phenomenal...
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    Good article on why leading in not more important than following

    The question of which role is more IMPORTANT seems a silly one to me. Both leading and following are needed for any social dance; without one the other role can't exist. As to degrees of importance: importance is a personal judgment and feeling. No two people are going to feel exactly the same...
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    Is Tango a declining matter?

    The older milongueros and milongueras in BsAs are vanishing as age catches up with them. Whether that means the milongas are dying as well, perhaps those in BsAs can tell us. And on a parallel part of this thread: connection. It is a spiritual as much as a physical feeling. I've been a salsero...
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    How do you get Dance invitations

    That is YOUR preference. It happens to be mine as well, but we are not I suspect representative of most men. Related to your point: it's amazing how a partner can begin to look better the better they dance, and the more we dance with them. And this is true of both sexes; in particular I think...
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    What do you think comes first...

    Which comes first? It can either one; we are not clones of each other. Further more, there is more than one kind of passion. Sexual attraction, personal attraction, fire for a particular piece of music, for the sheer athleticism of movements well done.
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    How do you get Dance invitations

    What others have said. You can only do so much: go regularly, mostly to the same milongas, dress well, smile and be friendly to everyone, make friends of both sexes, try to improve by taking classes and practicas. And accept the harsh reality that more men will ask young and pretty women to...
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    Master private class?

    It seems to me you are projecting your own likes and dislikes onto others. I have absolutely no problem with this practice.
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    Dancing when abroad

    When traveling I always try to work in as many milongas as I can. Even if I don't dance I can listen to the music and enjoy the ambience. Oftentimes I'll be able to chat with someone, maybe find out more about food and entertainment in the area.
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    What do you think comes first...

    Very funny. And unfortunately mostly true!
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    Tango Metronome?

    I agree with dchester. Quite agree. Also like your suggestion for beginners to learn in layers, adding more advanced stuff such a dancing to the melody after the more basic material.
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    Live music - not tango

    I'm not picky. I don't care whether the music is recorded or live. Each has their pluses and minuses. I care more about the people at the milonga and how much they help me have a good time.
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    How do you compliment a follower

    A smile and a "Thank you." There's no secret to it. Just act the way you would with any other activity: be natural and sincere.
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    What do you think comes first...

    Who are you to judge whether the result was terrible or not? For two people in love the experience may very well be world-shaking, their world. Couples social dancing is a private matter; only the two dancers can judge it. Not watchers. Their opinion is irrelevant.